Find Sam

Open the double doors with your Pry Axe and then continue down the halls and outside on the roofing to work your way around the outside of the building and up a rocky wall. Shimmy across the windows and up to a walkway and then follow the men across a bridge and into the next hall for a scene.

Continue across the roof and take a zipline to an adjacent building and then kill the men on the opposite roof. You can now jump across and climb up the rocky wall and head into the next hall to meet an old friend. [100 XP]

Make your way through the temple, avoiding collapsing beams until you find Sam.

Survive the Ambush

Fire will burn through this area as enemies attack from the back doors on the right and left. Most enemies can be dispatched with the assault rifle, but keep moving between the two sides of the area so you don’t become flanked by enemies from one side.

Keep to the back of the area to avoid the fire damaging floor and when the short scene shows two armored units, switch to your shotgun and finish them off. [100 XP]

Beware of being flanked as the fire engulfs the room (left) and then take out the armored Solarii who end at the end of the fight (right).

Escape the Inferno

Once they are all dead, try and loot as many corpses as possible for a Shotgun part off one of the armored units and then exit via the back right room with a bright white light. [100 XP]

Fight Your Way Out of the Palace

Move around the corners carefully to avoid being caught off guard by the Solarii and then turn another corner to fight off more men, including one with a riot shield. As you exit the building, Nikolai will take the turret and blast his way through the ancient walls and tear through Lara if you don’t get a move on. Move from one wall to the next until you reach the rocky wall and then climb up to zipline into Nikolai.

Fight your way through the halls until you reach a courtyard, where Nikolai will make you regret it.

Lara will grab the Grenade Launcher after a short scene, so aim a bit above Nikolai to finish him off. [250 XP] This alternative fire method for the assault rifle will allow you to blow through metal barricades that the Shotgun can’t break through, so use it on the doorway straight ahead.

There are more Solarii on the other side of the door, but you have a grenades now and they won’t stand a chance. Don’t be shy with using your new weapon, as there are plenty of ammo crates in this area, and mvoe forward until the area is clear.

The Grenade Launcher can be used to blast through doors and kill enemies.

Drop by the camp in this area to use any new points or salvage and then climb the rocky wall and follow the hall to another barricade. Blast through for a short scene and then use the zipline to reach the ground. [100 XP]

Regroup with Sam

Blast through another barricade and turn the corner to encounter more Solarii in the alley. Enemies will swarm you from the lower level, while enemies on the upper balconies will fire upon you. Use Survival Instincts to help you spot enemies in the harsh weather and don’t be afraid to go out of the street or into a buildings to take a second to heal.

Sam needs your help, so zipline down and take on the Solarii in the streets.

As Lara passes the temple-like structure at the end of the street, another spotlight will light her up and a Solarii will man another turret. Bob and weave from cover to cover and climb the building on the left to reach higher ground and quickly cross the zipline to take out the two enemies.

Head into the room and take cover behind the boarded up window and wait for the turret to destroy the boards before you lop a grenade across the way to destroy the turret. [100 XP] You can now take the zipline to find Sam for a scene. [100 XP]

Avoid fire from the turret until you’re close enough to shoot a grenade at it.

Escape the Solarii Compound

Crossing the river will only take you back to where you came from, so scramble up the wall to the right of the gate and cross the zipline. Climb the rocky wall and when a Solarii tosses a molotov cocktail inside at Lara you’ll need to quickly exit by climbing the surrounding platforms. [400 XP]

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