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Adeptus Astartes Equipment Equipment

Weapon Prerequisites

"Astartes Chainaxe" iconAstartes Chainaxe Melee (One-Handed)
"Astartes Chainsword" iconAstartes Chainsword Melee (One-Handed)
"Astartes Combat Knife" iconAstartes Combat Knife Melee (One-Handed)
"Astartes Power Sword" iconAstartes Power Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Autopistol" iconAutopistol Pistols
"Axe (Two-Handed)" iconAxe (Two-Handed) Melee (Two-Handed)
"Chainaxe" iconChainaxe Melee (One-Handed)
"Chainsword" iconChainsword Melee (One-Handed)
"Combat Shotgun" iconCombat Shotgun Shotguns
"Flamer" iconFlamer Flamer
"Hand Flamer" iconHand Flamer Flamer
"Hunting Rifle" iconHunting Rifle Sniper Rifles
"Knife" iconKnife Melee (One-Handed)
"Officer's Chainsword" iconOfficer's Chainsword Melee (One-Handed)
"Power Claymore" iconPower Claymore Melee (Two-Handed)
"Prisoner's Shank" iconPrisoner's Shank Melee (One-Handed)
"Rending Chainaxe" iconRending Chainaxe Melee (One-Handed)
"Scrappy Autogun" iconScrappy Autogun Assault Rifles
"Scrappy Lasgun" iconScrappy Lasgun Assault Rifles
"Shock Baton" iconShock Baton Melee (One-Handed)
"Shotgun" iconShotgun Shotguns
"Singer of Fearsome Sagas" iconSinger of Fearsome Sagas Melee (One-Handed)
"Sniper Rifle" iconSniper Rifle Sniper Rifles
"Stub Revolver" iconStub Revolver Revolvers
"Stubcarbine" iconStubcarbine Assault Rifles
"Sword" iconSword Melee (One-Handed)
"Toxic Flamer" iconToxic Flamer Flamer
"Toxic Flamer" iconToxic Flamer Flamer

Armor Prerequisites

"Armoured Bodyglove" iconArmoured Bodyglove Light Armour
"Chainmail" iconChainmail Medium Armour
"Heavy Leather Armor" iconHeavy Leather Armor Heavy Armour
"Synskin" iconSynskin Light Armour
"Wolfskin" iconWolfskin Power Armour

Must not have Features

"Eviscerator" iconEviscerator Melee (Two-Handed)
"Force Sword" iconForce Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Greatsword" iconGreatsword Melee (Two-Handed)
"Longlas" iconLonglas Las
"Manufactured Sword" iconManufactured Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Master-Crafted Power Claymore" iconMaster-Crafted Power Claymore Melee (Two-Handed)
"Melee" iconMelee Melee (One-Handed)
"Needle Rifle" iconNeedle Rifle Sniper Rifles
"Noble Sword" iconNoble Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Plasma Gun" iconPlasma Gun Plasma
"Power Axe" iconPower Axe Melee (One-Handed)
"Power Claymore" iconPower Claymore Melee (Two-Handed)
"Power Sword" iconPower Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Protector of the Faith" iconProtector of the Faith Melee (Two-Handed)
"Rebel's Sniper Rifle" iconRebel's Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles
"Scorcher" iconScorcher Consumable
"Serrated Great Sword" iconSerrated Great Sword Melee (Two-Handed)
"Serrated Knife" iconSerrated Knife Melee (One-Handed)
"The Hand of Xenocide" iconThe Hand of Xenocide Melee (Two-Handed)
"Thunder Hammer" iconThunder Hammer Melee (Two-Handed)
"Weighty Axe" iconWeighty Axe Melee (One-Handed)
"[Retobi-Pattern] Greatsword" icon[Retobi-Pattern] Greatsword Melee (Two-Handed)
"[Retobi-Pattern] Lasgun" icon[Retobi-Pattern] Lasgun Assault Rifles
"[Ryza-Pattern] Power Maul" icon[Ryza-Pattern] Power Maul Melee (One-Handed)

Equipment items in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader (3)

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