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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:31 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 24-03-2019 / 03:48 GMT

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Act 2

Not a Job for Tyrone

Head to the waypoint behind Bedbug’s house in The Wards and then head west to find Tyrone Hayes’ router and hack into it. This access point is huge with lots of different nodes to unlock. Start with the T so that the flow is going north and south and then use the other nodes to unlock the node to the left of the T. From there you should have opened it up enough to allow you to complete the puzzle, especially since there is no time limit.

Take your time to get through the hotspot puzzle (left) and then install the tracker on Bedbug (right).

On the other end you will find Bedbug, who is standing in perfect position for you to install a tracker onto his phone, but don’t forget to enjoy the funny conversation and learn where Bedbug got his name.

After a little while a SUV will pull up to pick up our lady’s man and we will need to tail him. Stay out of sight and range of him until he gets in the SUV and then hop in the nearest car and tail him. The SUV will slowly make its way around, so just keep at a distance and you should be fine. When the SUV heads through the first restricted zone, hang a right and follow along side it until the end and then wait for it to pass in front of you. When you reach the second restricted area Bedbug will hop out and you’ll need to tail him on foot, or by camera.

Following Bedbug by camera is much safer and will negate the risk of being spotted. Hop out of the car on the right side of the entrance and hack into the camera on the buildings nearby. From here you can follow Bedbug’s path as he makes his way through the area. You won’t need to worry about any proximity warnings, as he will always come into view at some point.

Hop the fence and take cover to the right of Bedbug's entrance (left) and then follow him via the cameras (right).

After a few conversations Bedbug will get into a confrontation with a gang member named Rabbit. As the objective updates you can pop the Regulator behind Bedbug to help Rabbit out and then call Rabbit.

Cunning Route - Escort via Camera

Using patience and watching the patrol of the Viceroy you can get Rabbit out pretty easily. Start by waiting for the nearest guard to walk away from the camera and move Rabbit up to the left side of the pallets. Hack the camera to your left (you may need to move Aiden deeper into the restricted zone to be close enough to access it) and then move Rabbit to the next set of pallets when it’s clear. You can now have him hide at the back of the truck when the Viceroy moves away.

You’ll need a better view of the area, so hack the cameras to access the camera attached to the building on the other side of the truck, giving you a view of the Viceroy walking on the street. Move Rabbit to the boxes by the street and then wait until the Viceroy turns away to move Rabbit across the street. Move him off to the fence and then hack the camera above him for a new view.

The Viceroy here walks up and down on the other side of the truck, allowing you to use the truck as cover. Wait for him to move away from the camera and move Rabbit to the right side of the truck. Continue along the truck and then when it is clear you can move him past the fence to some pallets in the distance, where you can hack another camera.

Use the cameras to move Rabbit across the street carefully (left) and then behind the pallets (right) to help him escape.

The Viceroy moves in a triangle between the three pallets here, so make sure to learn his pattern. Once he moves away from the left pallet you can move Rabbit to it and then hack the camera above. Wait for the Viceroy to turn around and move away from the camera again and then move Rabbit to the left and he will walk himself out.

Aggressive Route - Who Cares About a Rabbit

Rabbit dying does not fail the missions. It is possible to let him be killed and then simply hack his phone to complete the objective.

Once Rabbit is clear you can leave the area to complete the mission or go on a rampage and kill the Viceroy, since you no long need to stay quiet.

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