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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:31 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 20-07-2019 / 03:51 GMT

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Act 3

Hope is a Sad Thing

Note: Before you can accept this mission you must unlock the Pawnee ctOS Center. This can be done earlier in the game or undertaken directly before.

Head to the marina in Pawnee to begin this mission and then cross the street and hack the marina computer. Aiden is getting a bit sloppy, having his intrusion detected, and the password is reset. You need to find two of the four employees that have the password:

**Name** **Location**
Beric, Milan Found on the wharf's right side, at the base of the steps
Hansen, AJ Sitting on a wharf bench, on the upper jetty
Frickert, Sally Standing by the left jetty near a covered sailboat
Grangeford, Laura On the upper deck by the restaurant to the east
While getting the password make sure to head into the shed on the eastern side of the fish restaurant to find some crafting supplies and the **Audio File: Maurice Vega 04** .

Grab the Maurice Vega 04 audio log (left) and then find the password reset (right) from one of the four employees.

With the password in hand, hack the marina computer again to learn Kenney’s location.

Head to the old ctOS tower in the northern end of Pawnee and hack the cameras. There are multiple doors to unlock in this area, each accessed through the towers many cameras.

Start at the main entrance camera and then move to the first satellite, where you can unlock the front gate. There is an antenna in the main area that moves the dishes when hacked, allowing you to change the camera position and hack more unlocks, which you should hack to move and access another unlock from the first satellite.

Use the antenna to move the satellites (left) and unlock more access points. Once inside, head down the steps to access the cameras in the basement (right).

Enter the grounds and head down the steps to a locked door and access the camera inside, followed by the junction box to reach a hall with another unlockable gate. Go back upstairs and run to the dish at the back of the area, standing on its walkway, and then hack the antenna to give you access to the other side of the fence. Using the satellites and antenna, make your way to the first yard with the scissor lift and ride it down to access a new basement area.

In the basement, which should be unlocked from earlier, head right to a dead end with a laptop with an email and the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 05 . Turn around and head back the other direction and hack the pipes past the locked fence, taking cover, to cause the fence to be destroyed and giving you access to the final unlock. You can now return to the first basement and reach the ctOS box.

Make sure to get the Malcilm Deodato 05 audio log underground (left). After unlocking the door, hack into the ctOS tower (right) and pinpoint Kenney's location.

Time to catch up with Kenney at Jedediah’s Bar in Pawnee. At the bar you’ll find a man named T-Bone and get to take part in a drinking game, oh goodie! Your objective is to move the circle onto the button indicators and then press that button…should be easy enough, right? After a bunch of drinking the conversation will move outside for a long scene.

When you gain control again, follow the in game prompts and check out Ray’s fun traps. After the conversation ends you should scout the area for crafting items before heading off to get Ray’s truck.

Meet up with Kenney (left) and then test out his fun traps (right).

There are numerous entrances into the gas station due to its broken down state, but depending on your gear some may be better than others.

Stealth Route - Silent Takedown

For the most part the area is easy to stealth through without militia seeing, if not for the sniper in the water tower and on top of one of the buildings. If you do not have a Spec-Ops weapon, allowing you to shoot the snipers from the ground, then you should enter from the north and climb the tower to take out the major sniper. Leave the restricted zone and head around to the south and climb the ladder to reach the second sniper atop the garage. Once the two snipers are neutralized you can enter from the south and take out the militia in clockwise fashion.

Quietly make your way in by killing any Militia on the ground (left) and then take out the tower (right) to allow you to take out the rest.

Aggressive Route - Utter Chaos

As long as you take out the snipers first you should have no problem causing chaos as you clear out the enemies.

Escape Route - In and Out

On the flip side it is possible to run in and hijack the silly truck, but expect some resistance if you are seen before jumping inside.

After clearing the area reinforcements will be called in, so hurry up and hop in that taco van and get a move on. You need to either kill or lose the militia on your trail. You don’t need to get rid of them before reaching the objective point, in fact you may want to take them there to use Ray’s trap to take some of them out. Whatever you choose to do, you will complete the mission once they are gone.

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