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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 05-07-2020 / 03:05 GMT

Important Items in this Area
Esterad Thyssen Card
Pop's Mold Antidote
Manuscipt Page: Pop's Mold Antidote
Mysterious Note
Bottle of Wine
Letter from Dudu
Gwent Players in this Area
Sigismund Dijkstra - Esterad Thyssen Card

Sigis Bathhouse

Let's start out by looking for this "Sigi Reuven" character you were told about. To find him head north from the notice board in Hierarch Square and when the road splits ignore the path leading uphill to the north and instead veer to the north-west. Head up some stairs and you'll see some arches to the east, through which is the underground bathhouse you're looking for. Knock on the ornate double doors and, after dropping his name, Geralt will be allowed in.

Find the bathhouse in Novigrad (left) where the elusive Count Reuven resides. Fend off some of Whoreson Junior's thugs in the bathhouse (right).

Change into attire more appropriate for the venue then continue following Happen the Eunuch through the bathhouse, until you meet this Sigi Reuven, along with other members of Novigrad's criminal underworld. As unappealing as bathing with the criminal underworld of Novigrad is, however, your meeting will be interrupted shortly by an even more distasteful bit of business. Dispatch Whoreson Junior's Henchmen (level eleven and twelve), after which you'll be able to continue your meeting with the now-suspicious criminals. After some more arguing, the dwarven criminal Cleaver will stomp off, proving as subtle as his name. The King of Beggars also departs, leaving you and Sigi to conduct business. This starts the quest "The Gangs of Novigrad" .

Once you talk to Sigi in private you'll learn his real identity, as well as more information about this "Whoreson" everybody seems to have a problem with. You'll need to find him before Cleaver does if you're going to get the information you need from him. A failed assassination attempt on a Dwarven criminal boss named "Cleaver" can really only end so many ways, after all. Fortunately, there are three places you can go where you might learn some more about where Whoreson is hiding: in his casino, in the arena, and at his house. If all that fails, Sigi himself might know

Objective Reward
For meeting Sigi 150 XP

Before you head off, though, you can ask Dijkstra about Dandelion... but before you do, end the conversation, save your game, and challenge him to a game of Gwent. He's got a pretty paltry Northern Kingdoms deck; he will use a few Hero Cards, and he likes to stack weather and "Scorch" cards, but he's really lacking unit Strength. Beat him and he'll tell you about some elf who plays Gwent, reviving the quest "Gwent: Big City Players" in the process. Your prize for winning is the "Estrad Thyssen" card, a 10 Strength Hero Card for the Northern Kingdoms, which is otherwise unremarkable.

Objective Reward
For defeating Dijkstra at Gwent 25 XP / Esterad Thyssen Card

The Bomb in the Bathhouse

Ask him about Dandelion and he'll confirm that Dandelion crossed Whoreson Junior at some point... and suggest that he might be able to ask around if you do some work for him. Agree to help him, then follow Sigi down into a secret area under the bathhouse where he'll introduce you to his problem... or rather, the guardian of his problem. He needs you to recover his stolen assets and keep the fact that said assets were stolen a secret. Ask for more information about the heist and you'll get it, along with the formula for Pops' Mold Antidote , which you'll need to explore the sewers.

Well, while you're down here, we might as well help Dijkstra out. Search the remains of a pipe beyond the destroyed wall, then head north-west into the sewers. Activate your Witcher Senses and search a ruined grate in an alcove to the north-west, then follow the current to the north-east. When you reach a gate, turn north-west and investigate another pipe on the floor, then pop some of that Pops' Antidote (it should have auto-equipped in one of your potion slots) and head into the poisonous green clouds. Each potion gives you 360 seconds of protection, and you have three of them. That's about eighteen minutes to do all this or... well, you'll have to waste some Alcohest making more.

Go through the gate to the north-east, kill a Drowner (level nine) and investigate some more pipes on the wall. Loot a chest and other containers on a platform to the north-west, then head down some stairs to the east. Search some rubble at the end of the stairs to find a Silver Emerald Ring on the ground. Continue down a tunnel to the east, then north to enter a chamber where you can find a corpse to investigate - that of Dijkstra's thug. Grab the Pearl at the entrance to this chamber, then head north to find another corpse. Investigate it, and the Gold Ring that lies opposite him, then turn west, where you'll find another chamber occupied by several Drowners (level nine).

Clear the room then head up some stairs (jumping the gap) to reach an upper level upon which plenty of loot can be found in various barrels and parcels. When you're done enriching yourself return to the lower level and search near the western gate to find part of the bomb. If you continue west you'll eventually reach the canal, and Geralt will comment on how the heist must have progressed. You can also head north-east along the edge of the canal to find a rather stingy chest to loot. Oh well, can't all be winners.

Objective Reward
For searching the sewers 200 XP

Dijkstra will show you his little "problem" (left). Search the sewers, then the bathhouse to find evidence of the heist (right).

Return to Dijkstra and tell him what you found and, at length, the two of you will pair off to find out which pipe the bomb was dropped down. Search the eastern-most of the two baths assigned to you and you'll find a piece of the bomb, which prompts Geralt to call Dijkstra over. After he gets Happen to consult the guest book they'll find that their likely bomber just so happens to be a dead man. Looks like you'll need to investigate the house of the late Margrave Henckel.

Objective Reward
For searching the bathhouse 50 XP

Leave the bathhouse and head south to - and through - Hierarch Square. When you reach the "Hierarch Square" signpost turn west to find the house you're looking for. Use Aard to gain entrance to the curiously run-down house, then activate your Witcher Senses and search some footprints inside. Investigate a cylinder on cabinet along the wall to the east. Loot the level, then follow the trail upstairs, where you'll find a "Bottle of Wine" and a "Mysterious Note" to search. Geralt will read the note aloud when you pick it up. Head over to the wine room to the east and place the bottle in its proper slot to open the secret door back west, where the foot print trail leads...

Head through the aforementioned secret door to find a room with all kinds of things to search, including some spilled Wyvern Oil on the floor near the door, a mixture of substances on a table to the to the west, bomb instructions on a bookshelf hear the bomb-making table (RIP Kalkstein), and finally, the "Letter from Dudu" on a chest near the bed. Geralt will read this letter aloud, too, after which he hears some footsteps.

Objective Reward
For searching the conspirator's hideout 50 XP

Find a specific bottle, which opens a secret door (left) the read some of the conspirator's notes within (right).

Go downstairs to see who came calling to find none other than Dijkstra, who has hired Triss to help provide magical support. Reveal some of what you discovered to Dijkstra to implicate a fellow nobody here is terribly fond of, then don't correct Dijkstra when he overstates the intimacy you and Triss currently share... if you want to appease Triss, anyways. Dijkstra will leave and Triss will tell you to meet her by an Eternal Fire Shrine at midnight, which just so happens to be the brazier used as a landmark during your earlier exploration of the docks district

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