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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 24-09-2019 / 02:49 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 22-10-2019 / 06:52 GMT

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide

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Fencing Rosa and Gwenting Roche

Important Items in this Area
Schirru Card
Emhyr var Emreis, Invader of the North Card
Foltest, Son of Medell Card
Gaunter O'Dimm: Darkness Card
Gaunter O'Dimm: Darkness Card
Barclay Els Card
Dol Blathanna Scout Card
Siege Technician Card
Mahakaman Defender Card
Saesenthessis Card
Gwent Players in this Area
Merchant - Schirru Card
Vernon Roche - Saesenthessis Card

You could go hunting Dandelion down, and, if that’s what you want to do, skip ahead to "Get Junior" . There are a few quests you can check out, first, though, and plenty of optional exploration south-east of Novigrad. First up, you have a fencing lesson with Rosa…

Fencing Lessons (Level 12)

Head up to the var Attre estate and talk to the guard outside to find out that Rosa is waiting for you elsewhere - near the bridge in the nonhuman district that connects to the Seven Cat’s Inn, in fact.

Objective Reward
For talking to the guard at the var Attre estate 10 XP

Talk to Rosa when you find her, and she’ll shortly send her guard away, then ask you to follow her. It seems she wants a more scenic locale for her fencing lesson than a dank cellar, and she wants a more realistic fight. Defeat her once again (it should be much quicker now that you’re using a real sword) and she’ll yield. Geralt will then fall for a trick, and Rosa will run off.

Objective Reward
For fencing with Rosa 25 XP

Indulge Rosa in another, somewhat more real duel (left) then track her down and defend her from some Nordlings (right).

Activate your Witcher Senses to find Rosa’s footprints. Seems she scampered off down the road to the south-east-towards the Seven Cat’s Inn. Head over to the aforementioned tavern to find that Rosa’s found herself some typical Nordling hospitality. Approach the group and either pick a fight, bribe the pests, or use the Axii Sign to get them to back down. If you pick a fight, put down Lucas and Kobe (both level nine), if not, not. Either way, talk to Rosa afterwards and chastise her to varying degrees depending upon your response. Either way, the lesson is over and Rosa is sent home.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on the drunks 40 XP
For rescuing Rosa 25 XP

Well, since you’re out here, you might as well start out exploration form the Seven Cats Inn. Head east from the inn and cross a bridge, then, when on the eastern side, turn north to find some marshlands, where Drowners (level nine) prowl. Kill them, and loot some corpses -particularly a soldier near a flag. Once done, head back south and follow the road east, then south-east along the coast.

Death, or Novigrad

When you reach a fork, stick to the southern path and follow it south-east. At another fork you’ll find some soldiers hassling some peasants. You can either wash your hands of the situation, pick a fight with the Novigrad Soldiers (level thirteen), bribe the guards (100 Crowns) or use the Axii Sign on them. The last option is by far the most lucrative. After helping the peasants one will tell you about some lucrative tomb near Downwarren; he’s referring to Dragonslayer’s Grotto, which you’ve already looted.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii on the guard 40 XP
For helping the peasants 25 XP

Paranoid Travelers

From this encounter follow the road south until you spot a small gathering west of the road. Accept the hospitality, give your name, and chat your new friends up. Eventually one of them - Manfred - will be a little too specific with his information, raising suspicions of the nearby guard. Once these suspicions are raised, the guard will attempt to arrest the "spy", whether you help (as requested) or not. You can either sit the confrontation out, help the soldier, or tell defend the merchant. If you don’t give your name, then when prodded, you try to leave, you’ll provoke both Manfred and the guard, who accuse you of being a spy. Seems the war has made everybody suspicious.

Objective Reward
For helping the guard subdue the "spy" 25 XP
For helping the merchant fend off the guard 25 XP
For fighting off your accusers 25 XP

A chat wtih some paranoid travelers might end up substituting words for swords (left). Help some refugees escape the scrutiny of some guards (right).

Circus Encampment

At the fork you stopped at head north along a trail to find an encampment of circus-folk. Among them is a merchant, who is rather obsessed with Gwent. Finally, a kindred spirit! If you beat him at Gwent you’ll win his unique "Schirru" card, an 8 Strength Hero Card for the Scoia’tael deck that has a "Scorch" effect similar to "Villentretenmerth", save it affects Siege Unit Cards, not Close Combat Unit Cards. A very worthy addition to your Scoia’tael deck.

On top of that he happens to sell a mess of cards, including the leader cards "Emhyr Var Emreis, Invader of the North" and "Foltest, Son of Medell" , two copies of "Gaunter O’Dimm: Darkness" , which are 4 Strength "Muster" cards that can go in any deck, the "Barclay Els" card, a 6 Strength card with "Agile", a "Dol Blathanna Scout" card, another 6 Strength card with "Agile", the "Siege Technician" card, a 0 Strength "Medic" card for Nilfgaardian decks, and a "Mahakaman Defender" card. It’s a good bit of power for Scoia’tael decks, and those "Gaunter O’Dimm: Darkness" cards will start to get interesting when you collect more of them.

Note: This circus encampment location - and its resident Gwent-addicted merchant - were added in the "Hearts of Stone" DLC. Normally such DLC content would be segregated to the appropriate part of the guide where the rest of that DLC is covered, but this part has been added to the guide here anyways, as some of the cards this Merchant sells now count towards the "Collect 'Em All" quest (only for those who have Hearts of Stone), and hence the trophy/achievement.

The elven Merchant at the circus camp might have a bit of a Gwent problem... (left). Defeat him, however, and you'll obtain the Schirru card (right).

The Temerian Resistance

Leave the circus encampment and return back south to the fork or, if you don’t have Hearts of Stone installed… well, you never needed to head north in the first place. Either way, once you’re back at the fork head down a road to the south and continue south and south-east along this road (and the coast!), past Carsten, to find the "Gustfields Farm" signpost, which is just north of the northern tip of Oxenfurt. Along the way you can find some caravans alongside the road, with some loot scattered near them, just don’t expect anything exceptional. When you reach the signpost head along another road to the north-east through some fields until you find the "Temerian Partisan Hideout" signpost. Seems kind of silly for such a group to have a signpost, but… whatever.

Approach the cave entrance and a guard will attempt to see you off. Either pick a fight, or stick to the top options until you get the opportunity to use Axii on the guard. After the influence of a Sign or some good old fashioned thumping, you’ll be able to pass.

Objective Reward
For using Axii on the Temerian partisan 40 XP

Inside the cave you’ll meet your old friends Vernon Roche and Ves. Patriotism dies hard, it seems. Ask Vernon about what he’s been through since you last met, and you’ll also learn about the fall of Temeria in the process. When you’re done chatting about politics old and new, challenge him to a game of Gwent. He’s got a fairly powerful Northern Kingdoms deck, including cards like "Villentretenmerth", "Ciri" and plenty of siege units, which he likes to exploit with his "Foltest, the Siegemaster" card. He’s not above using the odd "Commander’s Horn", but he has little in the way of "Spy" cards, although he will happily use "Decoy" on your own Spy cards, if he has them handy. When you beat him you’ll add the "Saesenthessis" Card to your Scoia’tael deck.

Objective Reward
For defeating Vernon Roche at Gwent 25 XP Saesenthessis Card

Meet up with your old pal-and last remaining vestige of the Temerian resistance (left) then defeat Vernon Roche for his "Saesenthessis" Card (right).

After winning, Vernon will mention another player who might be a challenge for you; none other than your fellow Witcher, Lambert. To play him you’ll have to advance his quest "Following the Thread" , which requires you to travel to Skellige… so it’ll be a while. Time to get back to rescuing Dandelion.

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