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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 24-09-2019 / 02:49 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 19-10-2019 / 23:05 GMT

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide

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Faroe - Following the Thread and Mastercrafted Feline Armor

Important Items in this Area
Orders from Hammond Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Armor
Letter from Agda's Father to Timmon Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Gauntlets
Chest Key Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Trousers
Gold Diamond Necklace Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Boots
Nekker Card Loathen
Letter Written on Elegant Stationary
Objective Reward
For defeating Jutta XP

Following the Thread - Part 2 (Level 11)

It’s finally time to find the Hammond character for Lambert. From the shrine you just liberated, head south to return to the fork, then follow the road to the north-east until it merges with another road. Continue east from here and follow the road as it veers south, ultimately leading to the town of Trottheim, near the gates of which await two Dagr. They’ll stop you outside and tell you that Hammond is busy praying, and that slave-peddling will have to wait until the man is done with his piety. If you respond by saying "I’ll be back" You’ll be free to look for Hammond on your own… so long as you stay outside of Trottheim. If you say "Didn’t know him to be a god-fearing man" you’ll have to fight through Hammond’s Dagr (level twelve) and a horde of Pirates (levels eleven and twelve).

Kill Hammond’s men and loot some of them to find some "Orders from Hammond" then plunder Trottheim, which is littered with chests, crates, parcels and barrels. Once done, leave the village via a road running east and it’ll meander through the hillside towards the shrine, which is along the south-eastern corner of the island.

The Price of Honor (Level 14)

Along the way, however, the quest "The Price of Honor" should trigger, near the point where the road you’re following stops running east and south-east and decidedly takes a more southerly turn. Make it your active quest and head downhill to the north until you reach the shore, where you’ll find some Sirines (level thirteen) feasting on a carcass. Drive the beasts off then turn on your Witcher Senses and examine the corpse, after which you’ll need to dust off the Magic Lamp Keira gave you long ago and watch a ghost scene near the corpse. Looks like Timmon’s in store for some bad news.

Activate your Witcher Senses again and follow some foot prints to the south-east, then east to find the tree the ghosts spoke of - and Timmon’s brothers. Search them both to update the quest and find a "Letter from Agda’s Father to Timmon" and a "Chest Key" . Technically you’ve satisfied the requirements of the quest, but there’s more you can do to make Timmon’s bad news a little less terrible. Return to the carcass the Sirines were feasting on and look at the sea to the north-east, where you should barely be able to see the mast of a ship sticking out near a rocky island. Swim over there and dive near the mast to find the shipwreck that caused so much misfortune. Dive done and use the key you found to loot a chest, wherein you’ll find a "Gold Diamond Necklace" - the dowry for a marriage that will never be.

Following the Thread - Part 3 (Level 11)

Swim back to shore and return to the road, which you should keep following south to reach the shrine at which Hammond is praying… perhaps dispatching a handful of Endrega Warriors (level eleven) along the way. Approach the shrine to speak to Hammond, who, as one might expect, isn’t the nicest of guys. Kill Hammond (level eleven) and his Warrior buddies (level eleven) then search Hammond’s body for a "Nekker" Card and a "Letter Written on Elegant Stationery" . Loot some chests on some broken boats near the shrine, then leave. If you haven’t already, return to Trottheim and kill his goons, who will now be hostile to you.

Objective Reward
For killing Hammond 80 XP

Mastercrafted Feline Armor

Only a few more things to do before leaving Faroe and the Skellige Isles. Return to Trottheim and exit via the western gate. From the gate follow the road to the south-west until you clear some rocks to the south, at which point abandon the road and head uphill to the south, making your way through the forest. Squash a handful of Endrega Warriors (level eleven) along the way and eventually you’ll reach some cliffs overlooking the southern shore. Below you is a cave which is marked on your map as a "Monster Den" event. Fear not, though, as there are no monsters actually dwelling within said cave. Carefully pick your way down the cliffs to reach the beach, where a flock Sirines (level thirteen) dwell. What? There aren’t any monsters IN the cave. Kill the critters, then turn north to find the watery entrance to the cave.

Wade and swim north into the cave and when you reach dry land again, note that the cavern you’re in spreads out in four directions. West is a dead-end while continuing north and east both end in sealed doors. Note, however, the misplaced statues standing around and their corresponding levers. That’s right, you’ve got a puzzle on your hands here!

In the central chamber are two statues and two levers, and near each doorway (to the north and east) is another. All you need to do to open the doors is to align the statues correctly, and fortunately, one of them starts out facing the right direction! How do you tell? Use your Witcher Senses and note the outline; a red outline means it needs to be rotated, a yellow one means it’s good to go. Correctly-aligned statues also have white particle effects on them, so… they’re really doing everything they can to make sure you don’t have to guess too much. Still, if that’s not enough, make sure the two statues in the main chamber are facing each other (rotate the northern statue so it’s facing south), then make sure each statue near the doors are facing away from the door it’s near.

Once the statues are aligned, the doors should open, but first… head down the northern passage and keep your eyes turned to the west and your Witcher Senses active, as there’s a chest nestled against the cavern wall, under some stalactites. Loot the chest to find the "Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Armor" , the "Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Gauntlets" , the "Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Trousers" and the "Diagram: Mastercrafted Feline Boots" .

Grab the Witcher set diagrams, then go through the doors the statues unlocked and keep your eyes to the south-west to find an Aardable wall. Blast it, then search the cavity beyond to find a chest containing the silver sword "Loathen" .

Leave the cave and return to Harviken, where you should find Timmon and tell him the bad news. He’s understandably distraught, despite the fact that he correctly predicted what happened to them when he gave you the quest. Geralt will automatically hand over the letter he found, and if you obtained the dowry from the wreck you’ll get the option to hand that over, too, or be a naughty Witcher and keep it for yourself.

Objective Reward
For telling Timmon the fate of his family 75 XP

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