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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-04-2019 / 13:59 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 16-09-2019 / 21:19 GMT

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information


Horse Races and An Unpaid Debt

Back in Kaer Trolde

You’re now back in Yennefer’s room in the Kaer Trolde tavern. You still have horse-races to do to finish up Hindarsfjall, but to do that, you need to race everywhere else, first. That’ll be the next thing covered, but after that, it’s as good a time as any to help out Crach’s children and settle the succession issue in Skellige. But before any of that, there’s a little bit more to do with Yennefer. If you held on the Crystal Skull from the beginning of the game, you can give it to Yennefer, which is worth some experience. Leave Yennefer’s room and Talk to a Skelliger named Tante sitting at the table to learn more of Undvik and Hjalmar to update the quest "The Lord of Undvik" .

Objective Reward
For giving Yennefer the Crystal Skull 50 XP

After learning a bit from the Skelligers leave the tavern, outside of which you’ll hear a man calling to you. This turns out to be none other than Simun Brambling - the man who may have helped you escape from prison. Talk to him and he’ll tell you he’s here to collect. He’s not forthcoming with the details, however. If you don’t agree to help him, he’ll make a veiled threat. If you do agree to help him… he’ll make a veiled threat anyways, but tell you to meet him near Blandare. If you didn’t get his help to meet Madman Lugos earlier, he obviously won’t be here.

The Heroes Pursuits: For the Goddess Glory! (Part 1)

You’ll get to this eventually, but first, you have some races to win! Set your quest objective to follow the quest "The Heroes’ Pursuits: Kaer Trolde" to discover that this race starts down by Rannvaig. All three of these races will be starting down south, so it’s a good thing you’ve already done all the exploration around there, right? Right?

Make your way to Rannvaig and from there, to the Notice Board, near which the racers have assembled. Talk to the Race Master and agree to ride, after which you’ll get to hear the names of your foes and the race will begin. Despite what Svana said back in Larvik, this should play out like a normal race. Emerge victorious, and you’ll earn yourself a reward.

Objective Reward
For winning the Kaer Trolde race 30 XP / 80 Crowns / Zerrikanian Blinders

Now tag the quest "The Heroes’ Pursuits: Farylund" quest to note that it starts north-east of Farylund - where else? Fast travel there and make your way north-east to the start location, talk to the Race Master, and… yeah, you know how this works, right?

Objective Reward
For winning the Farylund race 25 XP / 50 Crowns / Zerrikanian Saddlebags

An Unpaid Debt (Level 15)

The next quest promises to take you to Fyresdal, but the race start is south of Blandare, just south of the "Person(s) in Distress" event you did much earlier. So, time to take a break from racing for a moment and see to some business near Blandare.

Fast travel to Blandare… or the Crossroads, or Rannvaig. The hut Simun wants to meet at isn’t terribly close to either of them. There’s a lake north-west of Blandare, and the hut that Simun wants to meet at is on the eastern coast of said lake. Meet Simun Brambling there and he’ll command you to do a bit of dirty work. Either do the honorably dishonorable thing and do as Simun commands, or do the dishonorably honorable thing and turn on Simun.

Objective Reward
For doing the honorable thing 50 XP

The Heroes Pursuits: For the Goddess Glory! (Part 2)

Now that that messy bit of business is done with, it’s time to get back to racing. Head south along a road from Blandare to find the race start, where you’ll find another Race Master. Talk to the Race Master and win the race, and he’ll tell you to go to Hindarsfjall to complete the final race.

Objective Reward
For winning the Fyresdal race 25 XP / 50 Crowns / Cavalry Saddle

Well, the whole point of this section of the guide was to finish up Hindarsfjall. Now’s your chance. Return to Larvik and exit out the western gate once again to find Svana, who serves as the race master for this outing. This race features ravines, blind turns, narrow bridges you have to cross - basically everything that exacerbates the crappy horse-riding controls. Otherwise, though, the course is fairly short, so some trial and error should see you victorious. After which, you’ve completed the last race in the main game, which is good for a trophy/achievement, as well as other, in-game rewards.

Objective Reward
For winning the Larvik race 50 XP / 90 Crowns / Zerrikanian Saddle

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