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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 08-07-2020 / 01:15 GMT

Important Items in this Area
Nilfgaardian's Notes
Mysterious Letter

Ferry Station

From the trebuchet head south to find a road, which you should follow more or less south-east until you reach the Ferry Station. Kill some Ghouls (level nine), then loot the nearby house, the bodies south of it, and the docks. In the water near a short dock you can also find a container, which may contain some exceptional loot. The Ferry Station serves a fine hub for the south-eastern part of this island, and there's plenty to do around it. To the north you'll find a "Treasure Hunt" event, along the shore to the west is a "Guarded Treasure" event, while finally, along the road to the south-east you'll find an "Abandoned Site".

Treasure Hunt: Lost Goods (Level 4)

Head north into the wilderness until you find the "Treasure Hunt" event. At the map marker is a body which you can loot for "Nilfgaardian's Notes" , which starts the quest "Lost Goods" . Read the notes, then venture to the east to find a jetty, guarded by a pack of Drowners (level four). Kill them, then loot the parcels near the dock, and the chest in the swamp east of the dock to finish the quest.

Guarded Treasure (Level 9)

From the Ferry Station follow a road running west along the shore. At the end of this road you'll find a larger than usual pack of Drowners (level nine) led by a Drowned Dead (level nine) guarding a chest and some parcels on a beached boat. Try to kill them piecemeal, as there are quite a few of them, and they're clustered up pretty well. Once they're dead loot the nearby containers.

Abandoned Site (Level 9)

Travel along a road south-east from the Ferry Station until you find a riverside fort, now abandoned to time and Necrophages. Four Ghouls (level nine) are led by an Alghoul (level nine). The Ghouls do an unfortunately effective job of serving as a distraction while fighting the Alghoul, which makes this encounter tougher than the lone level thirteen Alghoul you may have dispatched earlier. Try to lure the Ghouls out if you can, dispatching them one at a time... or at least, without the Alghoul present. If not, dodging, fast attacks, and Igni should work well enough. When the area is cleared a squad of Nilfgaardian soldiers will occupy the place, providing you with a merchant you can deal with, in the process.

Objective Reward
For liberating the Abandoned Site 120 XP / 50 Crowns

Defeat the Ghouls and Alghouls in the Abandoned Site east of the Ferry Station (left) then clear Drowners out of another Abandoned Site to the north (right).

Abandoned Site (Level 9)

Only one more event to do before you hit Oxenfurt... and it's another "Abandoned Site" event! Backtrack north, through the Ferry Station, back all the way back north to the Nilfgaardian fort you found earlier. Go through the fort and follow the road beyond until you find a fork to the south-east. Ignore the fork itself, and instead run due east at this point to find the "Abandoned Site", which is infested by some Drowners (level nine). Kill them and some Redanians will move in. Again, you'll get a new merchant to utilize, but also search the cabin by the river to find a chest inside, which may prove to be very generous... just don't get caught by the guard!

Objective Reward
For liberating the Abandoned Site 120 XP / 50 Crowns


Return to the road by traveling west, then follow the road north until you reach a Redanian military camp outside of Oxenfurt. Find the bridge leading over the river to the north-east to reach Oxenfurt, which you should be able to enter by presenting the "Letter of Safe Passage" to the guards near the gate. Once done, head on inside.

Objective Reward
For gaining access to Oxenfurt 75 XP

Head to the northern end of Oxenfurt to find the house Tamara is hiding in. Once inside you'll be pestered by the fisherman's brother before he brings Tamara out to talk to you. Hear her side of the story, and ask about her future plans before you're interrupted by a representative of the Eternal Fire. Before Tamara leaves, Geralt gives her the doll from the Bloody Baron. Loot the house before you leave, as you can find a "Mysterious Letter" in a container near the front windows.

Objective Reward
For talking to Tamara 150 XP

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