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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin (Haeravon)
First Published: 24-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-04-2019 / 13:59 GMT
Version: 1.03 (????) 21-07-2019 / 03:22 GMT

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Faroe - Harviken and Environs

Important Items in this Area
Nekker Card
Vampire: Fleder Card
Harpy Card
Ghoul Card
Diagram: Feline Silver Sword - Mastercrafted
Horned Hoskuld's Sword
Gwent Players in this Area
Blacksmith - Random Card
Innkeep - Random Card


However you managed to reach it, from the "Harviken" signpost head down a road to the south-west to find a Blacksmith plying his trade near his house/shop… at least, he’ll be out here during the day time. Play Gwent with him, then head uphill to the west to find the tavern, where you may have to meditate a while to get the lazy Innkeep to show up.

When he does, play Gwent with him and trounce his spectacularly weak monster deck, then buy the "Nekker" Card, the "Vampire: Fleder" Card, the "Harpy" Card, and the "Ghoul" Card. The only exceptional card of the bunch is the "Vampire: Fleder" Card, as it’s a 4 Strength Close Combat Unit Card with the "Muster" ability… which will conspire to make all the rest of your Vampire Cards more formidable, and hence, your entire Monster deck.

Return to the "Harviken" signpost and from there head north-west to find a fighting circle, where some boxers are merrily going at it. North of here is a man named Timmon, who has a bit of a problem. Despite his Skelligers pride, he’ll ask you to go look for his missing brothers and betrothed. Agree to start the quest "The Price of Honor", which takes place along the eastern end of the isle.

Iron Maiden (Level 19)

You’ll get to that while en route to deal with Lambert’s long-delayed problem. For now, however, make your way back to the "Harviken" signpost once again and make your way along a road uphill to the south-east. Follow the road south-east until it forks three-ways, with an unmarked trail on your map running downhill to the south-west to the beach and another, more significant trail continuing uphill to the east. Take the eastern path and keeping going uphill, and when you reach another fork take the northern path.

Shortly you should reach another fork just south of an abandoned workshop. Keep heading uphill to the east, then when the road forks yet again, turn north and follow this path until you reach another battle circle atop the hill, where a female Skelliger is busy humiliating a male challenger. You go, girl! Head into the ring and she’ll decide that you are unworthy of challenging her, instead giving you a task to complete to prove your worth. This starts the quest "Iron Maiden", and the task she’ll give you is random; either best a man named Gundar in combat, or find her Horned Hoskuld’s Sword. Both will be covered below.

Feline Silver Sword - Mastercrafted

Before you go after either of these means of appeasing Jutta, however, head south-east onto a snow-covered rocks over-looking Harviken, below. Under you is a cave worth plundering, so either jump (and roll to avoid taking damage) onto a grassy shelf outside of the cave, or work your way back down the mountain path a bit until you’re level with the cave, then veer off the path and pick your way over rough terrain to reach the cave entrance. Once there, head inside the cave, loot a container on a stone column, then turn your attention to the eastern end of the cave, where two weak walls lie. Blast the north-eastern wall to find a small chamber housing various parcels and sacks. Beyond the south-eastern wall you’ll find a tunnel, which ultimately terminates at two chests, one of which contains the "Diagram: Feline Silver Sword - Mastercrafted" . Not a lot of work for such a potent weapon, eh?

Challenging Gundar

Return to Harviken, and more specifically the fighting ring north-west of the signpost. Here you’ll find Gundar sitting around watching the pugilists brawl. Talk to him and challenge him to find out that the prize for besting Jutta might be more than just prestige - she’s looking for a man stronger than her to have a romp with. If there’s any fare in the world that interests Geralt more than coin, it may just be this. Anywho, Gundar is all too eager to fight when he realizes that a rematch with Jutta will be his prize for victory.

This is a pretty standard duel, save two things; you have to stay inside the ring (so don’t get over-zealous with your dodging!) and you can’t use Signs. You can, however, enhance yourself with whatever Oils and Potions you might need, and Gundar is a rather tough foe. You’ll just have to parry-and-counter his attacks repeatedly to wear him down… although any damage-over-time effects you can get on your weapon will considerably shorten the fight. After whittling down his life bar Gundar will admit defeat, leaving you free to return to challenge Jutta… but going after the sword she wants is also an option, and there’s a few map markers worthy clearing out along the western end of the island while doing so.

Guarded Treasure (Level 21)

Make your way back to the "Harviken" signpost and follow the road from the south-west, past the Blacksmith’s house, then west pass the tavern. Take the road to the edge of town, where it’ll fork. At this point in time, you want to take the road north, and when it forks after a long run through Faroe, take a road to the west. This road will terminate at a long house near the beach, which has been usurped by a Cyclops (level twenty-one). Igni the beast to death, then loot its house to find a chest. You may also be pestered by some Ekhidna (level nineteen) that pollute the nearby shore, but hey, just view it as a chance to collect more Black Pearls.

Recovering Horned Hoskulds Sword

Follow the coast south-west until you find another flock of Ekhidna (level nineteen), which are jealously guarding a shipwreck along the coast. Kill them, then search the beached section of ship with the mast on it to find a chest, then dive in the water nearby to find numerous parcels and a chest, the latter of which contains "Horned Hoskuld’s Sword" .

Place of Power

Grab the sword and return to the shore to the east, then follow a road east, south and each again until you reach a fork. At this point turn north to find a Place of Power near a shrine. Claim your ability point, then return south to the fork, following the road east back to Harviken.

Note: There’s a Hidden Treasure even along the southern coast of Faroe, south-west of Harviken. Unfortunately completing it means battling a level thirty-one beastie, which is probably not impossible for people who have been following the guide. Still, to keep this walkthrough as "no skulls" as possible, it’ll be postponed until you’ve gained a few levels.

Challenging Jutta

Return to Jutta’s mountain top arena and talk to Jutta, telling her you’ve completed whatever task she sent you out to complete, with preferential treatment given to Horned Hoskuld’s Sword (even if she didn’t send you out to get the sword, if you recovered it you can hand it over to her). If you do NOT give her Horned Hoskuld’s Sword and complete the quest it’ll remain stuck in your inventory, given that it’s a quest item and all, and who needs dead weight in their inventory?

Anyways, give her the sword she’s after or - if you don’t have it - tell her you beat Gundar then start your fight with her if you’re ready. Same rules apply with Gundar; leave the ring and you lose, you can’t use Signs, but you can use Oils and Potions. If anything, she’s an easier opponent than Gundar, being susceptible to more attacks after successfully parrying. Once she’s defeated she’ll invite you back to her place to celebrate, and the game does a hard-sell here - if you decline, you’ll fail the quest. Well… spend time with a comely warrior lass, or get a permanent red mark in your quest list? Seems like an easy choice to make.

Objective Reward
For defeating Jutta 25 XP

Return to Harviken once again and find Jutta’s house, which is adjacent to (north-west of) the combat ring. Meditate until nightfall then head inside to find Jutta waiting for yon on her bed. Let her complain about Freya’s sense of humor and your inability to carry out all the plans she had in mind for the man who eventually defeated her, after which… well… birds, bees, insert crude swordplay sexual pun here, all that good stuff.

Pilgrims Plight

Now that that little quest is wrapped up and the western-most bits of the island have been explored, it’s time to turn your attention further east. Make your way back to the "Harviken" signpost once again and follow the road back to the south-east, then turn east at the first fork. When you reach the next fork turn north-east and head uphill until you return to the fork south of the workshop at the base of Jutta’s mountain. Continue uphill to the east and ignore the northern road going uphill, instead continuing along a road east deeper into the island.

Shortly you should reach an obelisk at a fork, at which point turn north and dispatch a Cyclops (level twenty-one). When you find another fork turn north, north-east and at the next fork continue north-east. Eventually you should find a road running north to a house atop a hill, where some Pirates are frustrating a Pilgrim from fulfilling his desires. Talk to the Pirates and either pay them twenty Crowns to let the Pilgrim pass, or pick a fight and kill the Pirates (level seventeen) to achieve the same end at less cost. Afterwards you can hear some Norse… er… Skellige mythology from the Pilgrim, if you wish.

Objective Reward
For helping the Pilgrim 50 XP

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