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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Naval Side-Missions

Biddles Hideout

Optional objective(s):

- Destroy all of the men-of-war within 3 minutes.

- Take out the Randolph’s mast in a single broadside attack.

- Kill only Biddle whilst boarding the Randolph.

- Complete all optional objectives in a single playthrough.

Again we’ll start this mission on the deck of the ship. head over and interact with the wheel to gain control of the Aquila. Head forward between the rocks and enter the search area on the map.

As you approach, the Randolph (our target ship) will appear and take off. We need to follow it through the rocky areas here until we reach the open ocean. As we move into the open water a scene will play and show us what we need to destroy - a pair of man-of-wars…At the same time AND the enemy ship.

There is an objective to take down both men-of-war within three minutes, so you will need to focus on taking these down first before turning your attention to the Randolph.

Note that the Randolph is marked with the golden objective marker and it needs to be taken down in the same method as the ship in the previous level - using the chain shot to destroy the mast and then boarding it - there is also an optional objective to take down the Randolph’s mast with a single chain-shot broadside.

Once you are on board the Randolph, climb the fallen mast in front and follow it all the way to the far end of the ship to find the Captain. As you approach a scene will play.

You will now be in a one-on-one fight with Biddle. Note that attacking or countering normally will not be effective against him. instead, wait for him to attack and then use the disarm or defense break to stun him for a second, at this point hit him a few times with your sword. Rinse and repeat until a scene plays. Afterwards, you will be below decks, continue with the above tactic until he bites the dust. This will complete the mission.


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