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Here are the latest Interactive Maps for the most popular video games. These maps are annotated extensively with markers for locations, characters, items, and more. Want to help us improve these maps? Click here to contribute!

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

6 Interactive maps featuring all noteworthy landmarks for the major locations in the Including Armorers, Blacksmiths, Merchants etc), Enemies (Bandit Camps, Hanse Base, Monster Den’s, Monster Nests and Vineyard Infestation), Gwent Players, Loot location and Quest Markers.

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Last Updated: 8 months ago

Fallout 4

A interactive map featuring all major collectables, pick ups, and locations for Fallout 4. Bobbleheads, Fusion cores, Power Armor and more. Please note this map is still a work in progress.

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Last Updated: 4 months ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A interactive map featuring all collectable locations (Ancient Vessels, Banuk Figures, Metal Flowers and Vantages), Datapoints, Machine site locations and various points of interest like Merchants, Ruins, Campfires and Settlements.

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Last Updated: 9 months ago

Red Dead Redemption 2

An interactive map featuring all Legendary Animals, Legendary Fish, Wild Horses, Collectibles (Posters, Cigarette Cards, Dinosaur Bones etc), Mini Games (Blackjack, Dominoes, Poker etc.). Online Treasures & Hideouts, Plants & Herbs (Acuna’s Star Orchid to Yarrow), Easter Eggs and Landmarks.

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Last Updated: 9 months ago

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

An interactive map complete with markers for every collectible like Korok Seeds, Treasure Chests, gems and other items, information for every side quest, memory, goddess statue and books, locations and notes for all equipment, Great Fairy, Shrine of Trials, Divine Beast, Sheikah Towers and villages and details on every enemy from Guardians, Hinox, and Molduga, to Talus, Lynel and Wizzrobes.

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Last Updated: 7 months ago

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An interactive map featuring Amenities (Alchemy, Weaponsmith, Horse Trader etc), Collectables (Treasure Chest, Treasure Map etc), Huntering / Gathering (Beehive, Fish Trap, Fishing etc), Points of Interest (Caves, Camps, Shrines etc).

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Last Updated: 9 months ago

Final Fantasy VIII

An interactive map with markers featuring all draw point locations, Card Queen Locations, Guardian Forces, Side Quests, Landmarks, Zones, Towns, Cities, Gardens, Portals, Secrets, Stations and UFO Sightings.

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Last Updated: 3 months ago
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