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Lords of the Fallen
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 07-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-10-2019 / 03:13 GMT

Lords of the Fallen Guide

8 months ago · Guide Information

Achievement/Trophy Guide

Achievement/Trophy Unlock Guide

Lords of the Fallen has a total of 46 achievements and 47 trophies. These are awarded for experiencing a large amount of the game’s campaign, checking out some of the game’s many side-missions, nabbing the majority of the collectibles and undergoing some additional miscellaneous tasks. Below you’ll find a categorised list of the achievements/trophies in the game and how you can unlock each one.

Story-Related Achievements/Trophies

The following 15 achievements/trophies will all come with story progression, so as long as you finish the game these should be pretty much un-missable. The only exception to this is the ‘She was the last woman here’ achievement/trophy which is MISSABLE! It requires that you make a certain decision regarding the giant monster (don’t kill it) during a conversation just before fighting the Annihilator boss in the Rhogar Temple.

Here’s a list of said achievements/trophies in order of appearance:

**Name** **How to Unlock**
So That's a Lord! Defeat the First Warden boss.
Now We're Talking Acquire the Mysterious Gauntlet.
Hard Shell, Soft Core Defeat the Commander boss.
Only After Disaster Defeat the Worshiper boss.
The Real Lords Starts Here Enter the Rhogar Realm for the first time.
He Speaks in Riddles Met the Crafter for the first time.
Seal the Gate Defeat the Infiltrator boss.
No Time for Losers Defeat the Champion boss.
He Who Protects Us Reach the top of Keystone Citadel for the first time.
Anger is a Gift Defeat the Beast boss.
Thousands of Candles Defeat the Guardian boss.
She Was the Last Woman Here Showed mercy to an imprisoned monster.
Not a Question of Can or Can't Defeat the Annihilator boss.
Shout at the Gods Complete your visit to Adyr.
Two Against One Defeat the Lost Brothers boss.

Game Completion Achievements/Trophies

There are six achievements/trophies that are related to completing the game. Unfortunately, you can only receive a maximum of two of them from a single playthroughs, so multiple runs through the game are required to earn all six.

**Name** **How to Unlock**
Way of the Cleric Complete the game as a Cleric.
Way of the Rogue Complete the game as a Rogue.
Way of the Warrior Complete the game as a Warrior.
God is Dead Applied the **Rune of Adyr** to a piece of armour or shield and defeated the last boss.
Faith is Weakness Applied the **Rune of Adyr** to a weapon or the gauntlet and defeated the last boss.
Whole World in His Hands Gave the **Rune of Adyr** to the Crafter and defeated the last boss.

Side-Quest Achievements/Trophies

There are 6 achievements/trophies tied into the side-missions available in Lords of the Fallen and these have been included most likely to encourage players to explore the game’s world to experience everything the title has to offer. Each of them are fairly self-explanatory, but can be tricky to locate as the game never points these side-tasks out to you.

Fortunately, the side-quest guide above can help you out with the specifics of each and all of the side-quests have also been worked into the main walkthrough for convenience. Here are a list of the achievements/trophies that fall into this category and what needs to be done to unlock each of them:

Take My Hand

Description: Complete part 1 of the Injured Monk side-quest.

Speak to the Injured Monk as you leave the Monastery and agree to cut off his hand for the achievement/trophy. After the scene, speak to him once again and give him a potion - you’ll need to do this to unlock another couple of side-quests and another achievement/trophy down the track.


Extra Strong

Description: Complete the Injured Monk side-quest.

If you cut off the Monk’s hand and gave him a potion early on in the game, you’ll bump into him again in the Keystone Citadel. Speak with him here and he’ll ask you to clear out his work space in the Southern Watchtower.

If you head to the South Watchtower, you will find a Spider inside in need of eliminating (you can actually do this right at the start of the game if you are keen). Once you have killed it, return to the Monk and tell him its all clear.

You’ll now be able to find the injured Monk in the South Watchtower where the Spider was located. Speak with him here and he’ll ask you to bring him Tyrant Hearts. Bring him four hearts and he will give you 2,000 XP , upgraded potions and the achievement/trophy.


Go Breaking My Heart

Description: Find and collect 9 Tyrant Hearts.

There are 12 Tyrants in the game and you’ll need to find and collect 9 Tyrant Hearts to unlock the achievement/trophy. As long as you follow the guide above, you should have no trouble getting at least 10 of them (there are two optional Tyrants that appear late in the game).


Human Skull

Description: Find and collect 25 Human Skulls.

There are 30 Human Skulls in the game and you’ll need to find and collect 25 of these to unlock the achievement/trophy. As long as you follow the guide above, you should have no trouble getting all of them as they all appear along the way through the game.


Couldn’t Have Done it Myself

Description: Have a boss destroy a statue in the Square of Heroes.

For this achievement/trophy you’ll need to grab the Shard of Heroes from the secret room in the Monastery (this is detailed in section 3 of the walkthrough above). When you reach the Commander boss, place the Shard of Heroes into one of the three statues in the courtyard. During the fight, the boss will go and knock down the statue you played around with, earning you a sexy new weapon upon completing the fight and the achievement/trophy.


I Feel Lucky

After defeating the Beast boss, you can enter the Old Quarters of Keystone Citadel. Here you will be able to find the Cursed Sword (this is detailed in section 16 of the walkthrough above). Take this sword to the graveyard, and place it in the open grave. Defeat the Ghost that appears and you’ll earn the achievement/trophy.


Loot Crystal Achievements/Trophies

The Loot Crystals are a nice, cool addition to Lords of the Fallen and act as a reward of sorts for defeating each of the game’s bosses. Each of the Loot Crystals becomes active once the associated boss has been killed and opens a portal to a side-area allowing you to find some loot. There are three types of Loot Crystal: Treasure Rooms, Infinite Void Challenges and Proving Grounds. Completing all 10 loot Crystals will earn you the three related achievements/trophies.

**Name** **How to Unlock**
Are You Not Entertained? Completed all 4 Proving Grounds.
No One Can Hear you Scream Completed all 3 Infinite Void Challenges.
Treasure Left Alone Completed all 3 Treasure Rooms.

Collectible Achievements/Trophies

These 5 achievements are tied into collecting a number of different items throughout the game including: Audio Notes, special weapons, armour sets and different weapon types. Most of these should be obtainable before the end of the first run through the game, although one achievement 'My PrivateStash' requires that you kill bosses within certain parameters, which can be tricky and can be attempted on New game + or New game ++ as your equipment will carry across.

These are the collectible achievements/trophies in Lords of the Fallen:

By the Book and Bookworm

These two achievements are tied into collecting the collectible Audio Notes in the game. The 'Bookworm' achievement/trophy requires you to find one and the 'By the Book' Trophy/achievement is awarded upon collecting 60 of them. If you follow the guide from start to finish, you should earn this achievement before reaching the final boss. If you do not earn it on your first paythrough, additional Audio Notes will appear on New Game + and New Game ++ and these notes will also contribute to your total.


Good With Weapons

Description: Collect one of every type of weapon

This achievement requires you to collect one of every weapon type. There are 11 different types of weapons in the game and they include:

  • Axe,
  • Dagger,
  • Fist Weapons,
  • Greataxe,
  • Greathammer,
  • Greatsword,
  • Hammer,
  • Polesword,
  • Short sword,
  • Sword and
  • Staff.
Following the walkthrough above should allow you to acquire this achievment/trophy before the end of the game.

Harkyn Collection

Description: find 20 complete armour sets

this achievement/trophy requires players to find and acquire 20 complete armour sets. Complete means that you have found all four pieces of that particular set (Chest, Head, Legs and Wrists). There are 24 total armour sets to be found in your first run through the game, but additional sets become available during New Game +. Following the walkthrough above should allow you to acquire this achievment/trophy before the end of the game.


My Private Stash

Description: Collect 12 special weapons.

There are a 15 unique/legendary weapons in the game that provide players with special properties and the vast majority of those available are obtained via defeating each of the game’s bosses whilst satisfying a certain condition whilst others can be found either from completing side-quests or are located in hard to find areas.Note: Collecting 12 of the 15 weapons will earn you the achievement/trophy. It should be noted that although the description reads weapons, shields will also count towards your total.

For more information on the weapons in question and how to unlock each of them, check out the Unique Weapon Locations Guide listed under the 'Useful Item Locations' header above.


Harkyn-Based Achievements/Trophies

The following 4 achievements/trophies are related to Harkyn himself and are unlocked by levelling up attributes, spells and re-gaining experience upon death. Without rambling any further, here are the achievements/trophies we are looking at:

Achievement How to Unlock
It's Bound to Take your Life Have Harkyn die for the first time.
Myself Again After dying, return to where you were killed and have Harkyn collect his dropped experience. You'll earn this one the first time you do it.
Give Him Power This is acquired upon banking XP at a Checkpoint Crystal to purchase your first Spell or Attribute Point.
Strong with this One Earn enough Skill points to purchase all available magic spells for one class. Note, for higher levelled magic there is usually a Faith level requirement, so be sure to invest in the Faith Attribute until you are able to unlock all the ranks of each spell!

Miscellaneous Achievements/Trophies

The following 7 achievements/trophies were a little hard to narrow down into one of the other categories and they require you to do a few in-game challenges, kill every type of enemy, kick enemies in certain places and find a bunch of hidden areas.

Against All Odds

Defeat a boss without taking any damage. This can be tricky, however the Beast and Annihilator have fairly easy to read and well telegraphed moves and fairly limited movesets meaning they can be easy to dispatch without taking damage with a little practice on your first run through. It is much easier on New game + however as you should be able to kill the First Warden boss easily with your Gauntlet. You’ll also have a better understanding of how to approach each of the boss fights the second time around!


All In

Defeat a boss with 20,000 unspent XP. This is easier to do towards the end of the game and into New game + when a new Attribute or Spell point costs in excess of 20,000XP. Simply carry the XP into a boss fight and kill the boss to earn the achievement/trophy. If you are unable to do it first time, quickly run in and re-acquire the XP upon death and try again until you get it done!


Do Unto Others

You need to get the killing blow on the First Warden boss with the Persistence Greatsword. Unfortunately, the First Warden will drop this sword when you kill him so you won’t be able to do it again for a while! Instead, once you complete the game, start the new Game + and equip the weapon when you fight the First Warden boss. Make sure you land the killing blow on him with the sword and you’ll earn the achievement/trophy.


Killing Monsters

This achievement/trophy requires you to kill all 15 types of Rhogar enemies in the game (excluding bosses). These include:

  • Crossbowmen,
  • Demon Hounds,
  • Dimensional Beasts,
  • Forgers,
  • Fire/Poison Beasts,
  • Fire Golems,
  • Golems,
  • Knights,
  • Marauders,
  • Rogues,
  • Shieldmen,
  • Spellcasters,
  • Spirits,
  • Tyrants and
  • Wardens.
The only tricky enemy in this list is the Fire Golems. This is because when you encounter them, they usually attempt to kill you by self-destructing. This will not count for the achievement/trophy. Instead, you need to damage them with melee or gauntlet attacks until they die from health loss.

I Saw Everything

This achievement/trophy requires that you find and enter 15 secret rooms. Secret rooms include: walls that you can break down, doors opened by pressure plates and open doorways hidden behind bookcases. As long as you have followed the walkthrough above, you should earn this achievement/trophy before the end of the game.


This! Is! Keystone!

Kick an enemy off a cliff. To enable kicking, you’ll need to have Harkyn switch to the two-handed stance and hit the secondary attack button (used for shields/gauntlet) to have Harkyn kick. There are several places to kick enemies into pits with the Walls around keystone, a bottomless pit or two in the Catacombs, the spider cave in the Rhogar realm and the Spider room in the Chamber of Lies all eligible options.


Fool of a Tuck

Have an enemy or corpse fall into an abyss in the Catacombs. There is a corpse on the edge of a cliff in the room with the Forger and the Anvil in the Royal tombs portion of the map, just next to the cliff bridged by the thin wooden plank. You can kick the corpse into the hole for the achievement/trophy.


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