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– Artes Menu

This is where you can view the artes learned by your characters and turn them off and on (for more control over what the AI does). See Artes in the Battle Basics section for more info.

– Titles Menu

Think of titles as a leveling system. What I mean, is that as you equip titles and master them, you will unlock Artes, gain stat bonuses, and upgrade your already learned skills. These can be equipped to your character and then learned through collecting SP from battles or Requests.

Once learned, you can unequip the titles and you will still have the skills, but lose the equip bonus from the title. Note that lower ranked skills are easier to learn than higher ones, but are less useful. It is also a good idea to constantly swap titles to learn new skills or set auto equip by pressing Triangle in the Titles Menu.

If you choose to keep a title on long enough, after learning all abilities, you can master it. This gives you added bonus’.

– Mixer Menu

The Eleth Mixer will be given to you in adulthood. This gives you access to equip items into the Mixer via the Mixer Menu. There are three major things you can do:

  • Dishes - Allows you to automatically cook (duplicate) food in, or after, battle for bonuses and healing.
  • Consumables and Materials - Duplicate your items as you walk around the field. You do NOT need 1 to duplicate it, but you have to have the item entry in your library.
  • Books - Books use the Eleth in the Mixer to give you some bonuses. These can be battle bonuses, field bonuses, or even Mixer bonuses (like a 2 item return for each duplication of an item).
    Your Eleth Mixer starts at a low level state with only a few slots and a low maximum Eleth storable. To increase the slots you will need to duplicate items and to increase the maximum Eleth, you need to cook dishes.

I suggest you have at least 1-2 food items that goes off after every battle to increase the maximum eleth, while still duplicating items to give you more slots for when you start getting books.

How Duplicating Items Works:

After a certain number of steps the mixer checks the list of items from top to bottom until it successfully makes an item (or doesn’t and resets the counter). This means that if you have a 99.9% item at the top, you will likely almost never produce anything under this. For this reason it is best to list them from lowest to highest when putting items in the mixer’s list. See below for an example.

The scripting works like this:

Item 1 Food False
Item 2 Book False
Item 3 99.9 True
Item 4 01.0 -
  • As soon as the script reads “True” (based on the probability) it resets the counter for another few steps.

To make the chance of getting the Item 4, you should put it like this:

Item 1 Food False
Item 2 Food False
Item 3 01.0 False
Item 4 99.9 True
  • Although the script ran it’s probability and it came up “False”, the difference is that the item was checked (unlike above). 1.0% is > than none in this case.

– Library Menu

The Library is a list of books that tell you all the information you’ve learned from the game. These books will keep track of everything from the items in the game to all the information you learn through gameplay and tutorials. Think of it as an information center.

– Requests

Throughout the game you will unlock Inn Requests. These are sidequests from NPCs, who want anything from consumables to gear to valuables you find. Check each town inn for their own unique list often, as they will update over time and can be very annoying. Your best bet is to leave and fight some battles and come back for the updated list.

– Dualizing

Dualize is Grace f’s version of synthesis from other JRPG’s with the same mechanics. By going to any shop or Turtlez merchant you can select Dualize and combine two items to make a new one. This can be anything from materials to equipment and produces things like consumables, dishes, new gear, and even items that are just to sell and make money.

In adulthood, you can also use this to upgrade your weapons with shards to add effects and make them stronger.

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