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Sylph Cloak
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Fame Sans Fortune
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Cheria: Reader of Hearts

Head for the save point for the Fame Sans Fortune skit and then proceed west for a scene and a fight.

After the scene you’ll have only Asbel and Richard in your party and can head south a bit for the Gentlemanly Behavior skit. Make your way north to check the machine with the purple crystal to rest or use the Telos Astue shops and then head west, following the only path.

After the scene in which the group splits, watch the skit to the south of the area.

When you take the northern block to the next platform you should take the eastern block south to grab the Sylph Cloak before you backtrack and continue west for a scene. Once the scene ends, head west and check the orange device to switch to your other party.

After the scene head west to the northern platform, much the same as you did with Asbel, and take the southeastern block to a Dangerous Liquid . You can now head back and north to reach the Lavender on the opposite side before you return and continue west for a scene.

After teasing Hubert a little, head south to watch the The Marrying Type skit and then check the machine to rest or restore your Eleth. You can now head west, north, and south to knock the gold block and then backtrack to continue west again to switch parties.

Watch the funny skit about marriage with Hubert and then continue to bump the gold block.

With the gold block now bridging the gap, continue west to bump another gold block and then head back to follow the path north and switch parties again.

Continue to follow the north path, using the northern blue block to knock another gold block down, and then head west to a new platform via the gold and red blocks. Make sure to head west first, for a Verbena , and then head back to continue north to another device, but don’t use it.

Instead, head east to grab the Magic Carta No. 70 and then take the south block to hit the other gold block from earlier. You can now head back at the device, go west, and then north to reach an Elixir before switching groups.

Grab the Magic Carta and the Elixir before you switch parties to Asbel and Richard.

Cross the new path of gold blocks, heading south to reach the Eloquent Stone discovery for the Renewing the Pact skit, and then return to the gold blocks and head north for a Needle of Extinction . Ignore the device to head west and north to bump another gold block and then return and switch parties again.

Follow the path west to a split where you’ll want to take the east block to bump another gold block and then head back to continue north to switch to Asbel again. Continue west to a split, taking the east block for Suspicious Powder x5 , and then backtrack to head north until you can bump another gold block before you switch parties.

Get the Suspicious Powder and make sure to bump another gold block before switching.

Cross the new gold block to continue west path until you can head south, getting the Magic Carta No. 71 , and then backtrack to head north, taking the north block to bump another gold block before you descend via the green one. You can now head west to the large room and switch to Asbel’s party, following the path north until you meet up with Cheria’s party for a scene.

With the party now together you can change your party to whatever you like and head south for the The Necessary Motivation skit. Since the blue block moved you can now head west to ascend via the green block and then go south twice to the Magic Carta No. 72 .

If you continue east you’ll be back at the entrance, but we actually want to head north and then west to reach the Gustworks Core discovery for the The Atmosphere Between Them skit. You can now head back to the green block and descend.

After the funny skit between Malik and Richard, head upstairs to reach the discovery.

Head west this time, taking the north block to reach a Killer Fang , and then continue west to a split and head south for 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth . You can now continue north twice to the save point for the Growing Old skit and then take the green block to a scene and a fight.

Boss: Legendary Wyvern

The first version of this fight isn’t any different from other fights and you’ll just need to inflict a certain amount of damage to trigger another scene.

In the second encounter you’ll have a new bar over Asbel’s character image that indicates the new Accel Mode. When this new bar fills over 50% you can hit R2 to unleash your power, which creates a damaging aura around the user and grants additional bonuses like combos, CC, etc. This ultimately make this fight easier, but be careful because if you die the Accel Mode bar will empty and you’ll have to refill it again.

After the scene you'll be able to use Accel Mode, a power granted thanks to Lambda.

Make sure to watch the The Most Dangerous Game skit, grab the chest with the Radiant Howl , and then ascend and then follow the path:

  • South
  • East
  • East
  • Ascend
  • South
  • South
  • East
  • North
  • East
  • Warp
    After the scene you’ll gain Cheria’s Reader of Hearts title and can walk toward the exit for the One More Communicator skit.
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In the world of Ephinea, a civilization flourishes through the use of “Eleth,” a substance found in a material called “Crius.” Three kingdoms - Windor, Strata and Fendel - struggle for dominance of the world, while in the remote Windor town of Lhant, the eldest son of Baron Aston, 18 year old Asbel, strives to become a fully-fledged knight. However, Asbel is forced to give up his dream when his father passes away and he is obliged to succeed him as the Baron of Lhant. So begins a journey that will test friendships to the limit.

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