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Tales of Graces F
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 19-03-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 19-09-2019 / 11:36 GMT

Tales of Graces F Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

The End of Humanity

The End

When you beat Lineage & Legacies, you get to save a clear data that actually puts you at Ghardia Shaft: Depths before the final Richard fight. This means you can continue from this save and complete anything you previously had access to in the game, but was cut off from anything in Lineage & Legacies.

  • You will not have access to the dungeons from Lineage & Legacies
  • You will have access to the new area called Zhonecage

Boss: Fodra Queen

Fodra Queen has two different attack styles that she switched between after each quarter of her life is lost.

Flower Queen:

The flower actually creates a field around the target that makes her a ranged target no matter what you do. This means that most close quarters skills will be useless on her and most of her attacks also center around the flower, meaning any characters in close will take the brunt force of the damage. I suggest using spellcasters or ranged attackers, if you want an easier fight, since this form is weak to B-Artes.

The first form of the Fodra Queen is a ranged version, with her attacks originating from her petals (left). To deal with this, stay at range and focus on her B-Artes weakness (right).

Deflowered Queen:

Opposite of the flowered version, this one is weak to A-Artes and also uses fast melee combos on your team. Her attacks can barrage your characters and cause massive damage, especially if they are bunched up together. This is where you’ll want some heavy damage A-Artes from Asbel or Hubert, but have some ranged characters like Malik, who can do A-Artes damage from a distance.

The deflowered version of the Fodra Queen is much more dangerous and aggressive and will go all out on your party, easily taking them down with only a few hits.

Both forms can use Mystic Artes and she has two of them:

Both forms can use Mystic Artes and she has two of them: The first one, Aquarius Sphere, is used during an Eleth Break and attacks the whole field for almost all of their life, because it can’t actually kill you, but your characters will probably only have 1 HP afterwards. Make sure to back off and let your healers get some time to heal you back up to full.

When she gets low health the Fodra Queen will use Dual the Sol, which works exactly the same way as Aquarius Sphere, except it’s much more powerful, and she doesn’t need Eleth Break to use it.

When the Fodra Queen reached low health she uses Dual the Sol, a devastating attack that will destroy your party if not countered (see below).

There is actually a counter to Dual the Sol that you’ll need to preform to complete this battle and it goes as follows:

  • During Dual the Sol, hold the **LEFT ANALOG LEFT + O** to have her continue into Aquarius Sphere.
  • During Aquarius Sphere, hold the **X** to have her continue into Prism Stars.
  • During Prism Stars, hold **TRIANGLE** to have her continue into Shining Gate.
  • During Shining Gate, hold **SQUARE** to have her continue into Nova Explosion.
  • During Nova Explosion, hold **TRIANGLE + O** to have her continue into Maxwell Minimus.
  • During Maxwell Minimus, hold **SQUARE + X + O** to have her continue into Dimensional Material.
  • During Dimensional Material, hold **SQUARE + TRIANGLE + X + O** to counter with Blue Earth, which should end the battle.
**X/O inputs for Asain/JP consoles will be reversed**

Doing this gets you a boost of EXP, SP and Gald at the end of the battle.

You have beat the Lineage & Legacies extra content. Enjoy the scenes and then you can play New Game +, if you wish.

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