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Tales of Graces F
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 19-03-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 08-04-2020 / 05:02 GMT

Tales of Graces F Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

The Mysterious Woman

Arcadia Garden

Items Checklist
Otherworldly Seed | **Magic Carta No. 82** | Meteorite | Otherworldly Seed | **Magic Carta No. 81** | Otherworldly Seed | 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth | Demon's Claw | Otherworldly Seed | Otherworldly Seed | **Magic Carta No. 80** | Fodran Memory | **Magic Carta No. 79**
Eradication Bloom
Skits Checklist
A Pitiful End | Aftermarket Upgrades | Keeper of the Lore

Start by backtracking to the shuttle for the A Pitiful End skit and then you can rest by talking to Psi. You can now continue along the path to the north for a scene.

This place is big and confusing, so to help you please you the following map:

Important: If you are not seeing a map after this text you’ll need to zoom your browser out by holding Ctrl and pressing the - key on your desktop.

Area 1:

From the meadow head east to the first set of translucent portals to learn here how they work throughout the dungeon and then continue east until you reach a split and head west into portal (B) to Area 2.

Area 2:

Head south at the first opportunity to take the first west path possible through portal (J) to reach a bear that is blocking some chest, requiring 5 Otherworldly Seeds that you don’t have, and head south, west and south for the first Otherworldly Seed .

Head back toward the bear and then head south to enter portal (H) and then continue south. At the split, head through the west portal (G) to the Magic Carta No. 82 in Area 1 and then return through (G) again to head east for the Meteorite .

Head through the portal for the Magic Carta and then return to get the Meteorite in the chest.

Make your way south, hugging the west wall to head west a bit and then continue south to reach another Otherworldly Seed and the Magic Carta No. 81 . You can now head north and northeast to the path next to the chest to reach Area 3 by the butterflies.

Area 3:

Follow the path east until you reach the third Otherworldly Seed and then go north to the large blue flower to find the Eradication Bloom discovery and watch the Aftermarket Upgrades skit.

Grab the Otherworldly Seed and then check out the discovery for a skit.

Take the southeast path that winds south, ignoring the opened treasure, and then head east at the next split to reach 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth . Continue south and head west at the first opportunity, following it all the way to a Demon’s Claw and Otherworldly Seed , and then head south until the portal ® pops up behind you and enter it.

Head west, north, and west to enter portal § when it pops up and then go directly west for the fifth Otherworldly Seed . With all seeds you can return to the bear by heading north, take the 2nd west, north, east, north, west, north, and east until portal (J) pops up to enter it. You can now hand over all the seeds to get the Magic Carta No. 80 , Fodran Memory , and Magic Carta No. 79 .

Feed all the Otherworldly Seeds to the bear so he moves and then grab the treasure behind.

To leave, head back through the portal to the east (J) and head north, west, south, east, and south to reach the discovery area. Take the southeast path again, turning west to reach the two open chests, and then head south all the way to portal (T) to reach Area 4.

Area 4:

Take the west portal to reach Area 5.

Area 5:

Follow the path to a portal that goes to Area 6.

Area 6:

Head south and enter the orange portal when it pops up behind you to reach the save point and make sure to watch the Keeper of the Lore skit. Save and then continue south for a fight.

Watch the skit at the save and make sure to save, before approaching the field for a scene.

Boss: Little Queen (Melee)

This battle is hard because their are 10 of the Little Queen, with about 3-5 onscreen at one time.

I suggest using Asbel and spamming his Aurora Lotus, as he is invincible during the animation and guarding often. Casters are great in this battle, but they have a tendency to get swamped by the Little Queens and die, so I suggest Richard who has some great A-Artes as well. Round out your party with Cheria for heals and Hubert for heals and damage ability that can finish off the Little Queens when they are close to death.

The best thing to do is have your Eleth Burst ready at the start of battle and use a Mystic Arte to deal AOE damage at the beginning of the fight. Watch out for the Little Queen’s Mystic Arte, in which case you will likely need to pop a few Life Bottles, and focus on the lowest health Little Queen until you eventually only have 1 left.

Use Asbel's Aurora Lotus to avoid damage while dealing AOE damage to any of the Little Queens in the vicinity (left). Just make sure to avoid her Mystic Arte, Purification (right).

After the scene follow the path south to reach the shuttle…and why couldn’t I use this before?

Guide Information

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    Namco Bandai Games
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    Wii, PS3
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  • Guide Release
    19 March 2013
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    1 November 2019
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    Stephanie Barnes

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