– 1F: Cheria’s Floor –

Rare Item: Tesserasphere

Boss: Frederic

Frederic isn’t much of a threat at first and he will take his time with basic slash attacks, bowing often after his attacks. As the battle progresses and he gets lower HP Frederic will begin to use heavy attacks frequently and he’ll begin to teleport from target to target, often even ranged attacks on your healers. The major thing you have to watch out for is his Mystic Arte, which will one-shot any character.

After beating him, you’ll get Cheria’s Jet Black Antennae , which you can equip for the the skit Accessorizing with Cheria .

Fredric plays like a gentleman at first, bowing after his attacks, but he will become more dangerous the longer he is alive, especially with his thrusting attacks.

– 2F: Hubert’s Floor –

Rare Item: Triasphere

Boss: Cedric 2.0

This fight is extremely similar to the first time you fought him, except that he uses stronger attacks. Since Zhonecage takes place in the main arc you won’t have access to Richard unless to created dolls to change your party members into him, so you’ll likely want to put Pascal in your party to focus on his Burn weakness. Keep him off Cheria so she can heal you when needed and guard or side-step to reduce the damage of his attacks.

After beating him, you’ll get Hubert’s Nerdy Glasses , which you can equip for the skit Accessorizing with Hubert .

Watch out for Cedric’s slash attacks, which can hit more than one character, and avoid him during his Eleth Burst so you aren’t hit with his Mystic Arte.

– 3F: Crystal Floor –

Rare Item: ???

Boss: Amber

Amber is dangerous due to her fast movement and long combos that can get your characters in all sorts of trouble, so take advantage of her weakness to Slow, Freeze, and Shot attacks without getting too close to her to give you plenty of time to guard or avoid her combos. When she gets low HP try and keep her from starting long chains and watch out for her Mystic Arte, Starlight, which is an AOE that does some decent damage.

Note that Amber drops the Magic Carta No. 64 at a (25%) rate and this is worth getting if you want the full set, but will require you to beat her multiple times. For beating her you’ll get the Book of Partnership .

Avoid getting stuck in Amber’s long, devastating, combos and try to avoid getting hit with her Starlight Mystic Arte.

– 4F: Blouse + Charms Floor –

Rare Item: Purebright Cloth

Boss: Dark Turtlez

Oh… yea, he looks so innocent! …or not!

The Turtlez is actually fighting on the back of his transport, making him very large and very deadly. This fight is actually really easy if you juggle this boss in the air for a max combo if all your characters set up as Hubert on aggressive A-Artes, but not everyone will have this ability yet. If you plan to take this boss on with a standard party you’ll want to avoid the front of the transport, where the primarily attacks, and try and get long combos.

Watch out when the boss gets low HP, as he’ll start to use stomp and spin attacks more often to do massive damage and the worst case scenario would be controlling your healer and outrunning the slow boss to revive your party members.

Note that the Dark Turtlez drops the Turtlez Togz at a (5%), but will require you to beat him multiple times. For beating him you’ll get the Book of Awakening and can return to the Turtlez HQ for the Turtlez Flute , finally.

Watch your HP when the Turtlez begins to use his spin attacks, usually notified by a red exclamation, and then avoid his Mystic Arte as well.

– 5F: Asbel’s Floor –

Rare Item: Enasphere

Boss: Emeraude 2.0

This version of Emeraude fights similar to the previous version, except that she is stronger and deadlier. Try to stick to ranged attacks and abilities to avoid her damaging aura and focus on combos, especially when she gets low health because she will start to shoot out multiple black auras in every direction that will almost certainly hit everyone.

After beating her, you’ll get the Fairy Scabbard equipment.

Avoid Emeraude’s damaging aura and be careful when she reaches low HP of her massive black auras that shoots out from her location.

– 6F: Tunic + Charms Floor –

Rare Item: Dragon’s Blood

Boss: Peepit? x25

While not individually strong, the sheer numbers will easily overwhelm your party and stop your casters from finishing any spells. The trick is to use AOE abilities and spells that can damage multiple foes at once and protect your casters.

Sophie and Hubert are particularly useful in this fight due to their healing abilities that cast quickly. AOE Mystic Artes, such as Cheria’s Innocent Garden Mystic Arte can end the battle if it kills all enemies on screen at once, but this is pretty hard to accomplish.

After beating them, you’ll get a Grilled Chicken Bowl .

Focus on AOE skills and artes, especially when you get an Eleth Burst, to maximize your damage.

– 7F: Malik’s Floor –

Rare Item: Pentasphere

Boss: GentleEel

Firstly, I suggest using Freeze and Paralysis charms to avoid these ailments during the fight. This guy can hit hard, but luckily his attacks are predictable and slow, with his main ahead-butt attack being pretty easy to side-step.

The hard part comes when this boss gets low HP, as he’ll use more damaging attacks:

  • When he leans forward he'll shoot a laser beam from his mouth
  • A multi-hit kick attack that is similar to the traditional Russian folk dance
  • When he runs into the air and flops to the ground he will usually "swim" across the arena floor and cause massive damage to anything in his way.

I suggest playing as the healer in the later portion of this battle if you are having issues with death to spam healing.

After beaing him, you’ll get Malik’s Eau de Peau unique equipment, which you can equip for the skit Accessorizing with the Captain .

The beginning of the fight should be easy, since he really on has one attack, but as the battle progresses he will get a wider range of attacks that can do heavy damage.

– 8F: Pascal’s Floor –

Rare Item: Eksisphere

Note the rare item Fluffi Muffler can be equipped for the skit Accessorizing with Pascal .

Boss: Fourier + Proto Veres

Proto Veres is the weaker of the two and I suggest taking it out first, because the small reprieve from damage will help you keep up with healing when you take on Fourier.

You can be fairly aggressive in this fight to take out the Veres first, using characters like Hubert and Malik or Pascal, and let Sophie be your only healer. Like the first fight, the thing you want to watch out for is getting cornered against a wall and getting owned by side-stepping around Veres.

Fourier fights similar to Pascal and even uses her Mystic Arte, so she likes to stay at ranged which means if you can get in close and send a barrage of attacks her way she will fall quickly. Once again, go all out on her and allow Sophie to be your healer when her spells land.

After beating her, you’ll get the Fox…Scarf? equipment.

Take out the Proto Veres first, while Fourier shoots you from a distance, and then deal with Fourier herself, avoiding her Mystic Arte.

– 9F: Sophie’s Floor –

Rare Item: Diosphere

Note the rare item Grimm Anklet can be equipped for the skit Accessorizing with Sophie .

Boss: Reala

This fight is similar to the fight with Amber and the good news is that Reala doesn’t block too much, allowing decent combos, but when you finally finish your own combo you’ll have to deal with her long combos and multi-target attacks.

That being said, Reala is still pretty strong and it will take some time to dwindle her HP down, meanwhile dealing with her artes and possibly her Mystic Arte, Grand Cataclysm, which will hit the whole party and hurt like hell. If you’re lucky she will spend most of her Eleth Burst in another spell and avoid her Mystic Arte all together.

Note that Reala drops the Magic Carta No. 25 at a (25%) rate and this is worth getting if you want 100% of your library complete, but will require you to beat her multiple times. For beating her you’ll get the Ancient Donut .

Guarding Reala’s long combos is the only way to survive this battle, so be careful whenever she is not stunlocked, and then avoid her Mystic Arte that will destroy your party.

– 6F: Guard + Charms Floor –

Before you try this floor, you should defeat Lambda Angelus in 60 seconds for the trophy. Why? Because if you don’t and you beat Solomus, Lamba will be upgraded to Lambda Theos , making you unable to get the trophy without New Game +.

Rare Item: Darkened Ore

Boss: Solomus

Solomus uses mostly close combat attacks, with long combos and mixed martial arts moves that means he has to be near a character to do damage. This means that your healers should be okay, provided you protect them and they do not get stuck in one of his long chains. Aggressive A-Artes characters like Asbel, Sophie, and Hubert are best for this battle with Cheria as your primary healer so you can get off long chains and do massive damage when you get an Eleth Burst.

The most dangerous part of this fight is when Solomus splits into multiple versions of himself, but you don’t have to defeat each one and they will eventually fuse back together and vanish. You’re best strategy is to make sure everyone stays healed during this time, especially since each version can use his killer Mystic Arte.

After beating him, you’ll get the Book of Glory and gain the Terma-nated trophy, as well as be able to complete the sidequest.

Be careful when Solomus splits up into multiple versions, as each of them can trigger his Mystic Arte, Immaculate Succession.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Defeated Solomus and the Terma Ten.

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