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Pie Sheet x2
Ice Pops
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The Win Stick

In town you’ll notice a new stand with the jumping girl inside that marks the Ice Pops discovery, but make sure to also get the The Win Stick skit.

Buying an Ice Pop costs 60 Gald each, but there is no real reason to do this now. Head east into the house, which has restocked its cabinets with Pie Sheet x2 and Egg x2 , and make sure to talk to the Mother for Pie Sheet x3 . Continue east and give the poor cat one of your Salmon, this is the first cat you’ll have fed, and then backtrack all the way west to the valkines cryas. As you enter/exit the area you’ll see a chest in the lower right corner that contains the Magic Carta No. 30 , so make sure to get it before heading down to the Lower City.

Check for restocked items and make sure to get the Magic Carta near the valkines cryas.

The shops carry new items and I suggest you buy a Paralysis Charm , which should automatically net you the Stamp Card Case . You might as well buy any equipment you don’t have as well, since you have tons of money most likely.

Head south and then west to grab the sparkling point by an old man on the bench for the Night Lily Seeds and then head toward the Barona Port. As you head down the stairs take the right path to a set of boxes, which can be moved to gain access to a chest with an Hourglass , and then continue along pier for some Pie Sheet x3 .

The sparkling point by the bench isn't random, so get it and then check the boxes by the port.

Make your way back into town and head east to the Inn to the east of the central area in Lower City. Check the upstairs rooms’ closets for some Dried Seaweed x3 and Best Princess Stories and then make sure to check the save for the skits Final Exam and Stamp Collectors , before leaving the building.

Head into the Knight Academy and talk to the man on the left for a Rice Ball . The west room in the Academy has a chest that requires a password, but if you enter treasure you can get the Elixir that is inside now. Get the Ice Pop in the suitcase to the right of the chest and you can now go to the bar by taking the steps to the right of the old man on the bench.

Grab the Moji-kun Plushie in a chest to the right of the bar and then head inside the bar for a scene. Check the sparkling point in the bottom right corner of the bar for the Royal Knights’ Documents and then head back toward the Academy for another scene. You’ll automatically receive the Letter from Mom and given the objective to return Lhant.

After visiting the bar and getting the documents, head toward the Academy for a scene.

With Cheria now in your party, check out the huge statue of the buff headmaster by the Knight Academy to discover the Headmaster’s Bust and get skit Time Out of Mind . Instead of going to straight to the docks, head to castle for a conversation with the knight who you previously showed Richard’s Ring to as a kid for a quick scene. In addition, you can also stop by the valkines cryas and talk to the knight there for an Exceed Shard .

Once you’re ready, head for the port and leave for Lhant via the boat (which sadly doesn’t give you a kids discount anymore).

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