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Tales of Graces F
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 19-03-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 21-09-2020 / 12:30 GMT

Items Checklist
Long Sword | Steel Bladerang | Leather Guard x2 | Bronze Scabbard | Natural Scent | **Eleth Mixer** | 800 Gald | Life Bottle x2 | Wood Chunk | Iron Tunic | Morino Flower x3 | Apple Gel x3 | Chipped Claw| Apple Gel x3
Morino Flowers
Skits Checklist
Walking the Point | Flower Power | Hidden Talents
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Aspiring Knight | Malik: Knight Academy Instructor | Malik: Acquainted with Royalty | Malik: Paragon of Knighthood | Asbel: Wielder of Light

Note: From now on you’ll gain shards from battles, which are used to upgrade your weapons and add stats to them. This is expensive at this point in the game and you’ll likely buy new weapons faster than you can upgrade ones, so I suggest you wait until mid/late game to focus on this.

You’ll automatically start the next chapter in battle to learn about B-Artes, so pay attention because it’s valuable information. Well, Asbel sure has grown up pretty well with Malik as his mentor.

After the scene, talk to Malik to gain access to the Eleth Mixer and start using this right away to increase the max energy and max capacity. You should also check out your new gear and titles acquired upon reaching adulthood, hours played, etc.

Asbel’s first field mission is underway and the Eleth Mixer is a major aid to knights.

Asbel’s first field mission is underway and the Eleth Mixer is a major aid to knights.

Head to the save for the Walking the Point skit and then take the linear path to a split. Take the north path to a chest with 800 Gald and then return around the bend to the east. Before continuing north, take the vine by the river to reach a chest with Life Bottle x2 and then backtrack and follow the path to another chest with a Wood Chunk . Keep heading north to a dead end with an Iron Tunic and then backtrack and head east, past the Turtlez, to find the Morino Flowers discovery, gain Morino Flower x3 , and get the Flower Power skit.

Get the Iron Tunic and equipe it before checking the Morino Flowers discovery for a skit.

Get the Iron Tunic and equipe it before checking the Morino Flowers discovery for a skit.

Cross the bridge and head south to the boulder, which you probably saw earlier, and push it into the water to create a shortcut back. Grab the chest with Apple Gel x3 to the east and then backtrack toward the bridge. To the northeast is a dead end with a chest containing a Chipped Claw and then continue northwest to a save.

Continue for a scene and then head right to talk to Malik to receive Apple Gel x3 . You’ll now need to track down the culprit of the town’s disappearance, so head to the west side of the town for a scene and then make your way east, past Malik’s building, for another scene. Finally, head back to the west side of town for a fight.

Boss: Nova Wolf

Right off the bat you’ll be unable to damage the Nova Wolf, but after a short time you’ll get a scene that teaches you how to assign a B-Arte to your list that can damage Nova barriers. Assign it to any direction you want and then continue the battle. The key to this battle is side-stepping when the Nova Wolf attacks, so make sure to use it and save you a lot of agony and use of Gels.

Learn how Nova attacks work and then side-step the attacks to begin a combo.

Learn how Nova attacks work and then side-step the attacks to begin a combo.

You’ll receive the Wielder of Light title for beating this boss and can now head to the save for the skit Hidden Talents .

Titles Gained in Combat:

Almost every A-Arte and B-Arte has two titles attached to them (1 Adept title and 1 Master title). Since the AI uses all the skills that are turned when in Auto, the titles can be gained faster by forcing the AI to only use skills that have not gained titles.

To do this, go to the Skill Menu and turn any skill that has gained a Master title “OFF”. Note that A-Arte skills can not be turned off, but you can have them focus on B- Artes by going to the Strategy Menu and selecting B-Artes in the Balance column.

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    19 March 2013
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    10 September 2020
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    Stephanie Barnes

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In the world of Ephinea, a civilization flourishes through the use of "Eleth," a substance found in a material called "Crius." Three kingdoms - Windor, Strata and Fendel - struggle for dominance of the world, while in the remote Windor town of Lhant, the eldest son of Baron Aston, 18 year old Asbel, strives to become a fully-fledged knight. However, Asbel is forced to give up his dream when his father passes away and he is obliged to succeed him as the Baron of Lhant. So begins a journey that will test friendships to the limit.

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