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Takes One to Know One
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Pascal: Vagabond

Pascal will officially join your party after a short scene and you’ll be on your way in this annoying dungeon. Head south and then take the moving stone to the (compass) east and ride it across. These stones will be how you get around and what make this dungeon annoying.

Take the only moving stone in this new area to get to a platform with enemies and then ride the western block across. Take the only stones you can until you reach another split and then take the eastern block to a platform with a green block that takes you down to the next area.

Take the northern block, which unlocks a gold one, and then head back up via the green block.

Now head back the way we came:

  • West
  • 2nd North
  • North
  • East

You will now want to take the southern block to a new area where the gold block has appeared, allowing you to reach a chest with **Scarlet Aroma** and **258 Unit(s) of Eleth** .

Tap the gold block to create a bridge to the items: Scarlet Aroma and 258 Eleth.

Now head back to the save:

  • North
  • West
  • South
  • South
  • East
  • Green

Head south on the block for a scene and a fight.

Boss: Mercurius

This boss is a total push-over, but don’t get too cocky when fighting it. Focus your attacks on the Impact weakness and avoid it’s tail slaps, indicated by the lizard turning around, side-stepping to avoid damage. Other attacks to watch out for are the Mercurius’ petrifying stare, indicated by the lizard lowering its body toward the ground and the red aura on the ground. If you have Petrify Charms you can equip them to deal with the stone effect, but you don’t worry if you don’t, since it wears off.

The petrifying stare will stone your characters and the tail slapdeals heavy damage.

Watch the scene to gain the In the Flesh title for Sophie. Examine the console to get the Projection Device discovery and Takes One to Know One skit and then take the block you didn’t arrive on to go south and then ascend via the green block.

Take the south block to a Hyperdense Crystal and then east to tap the purple block. Head back North and then East, following the only path available to a Floral Anklet , and then continue to the next split with two green blocks. Take the southern one first, grabbing the Book of Maintenance , before descending via the north one.

Get the chest before you bump the purple block (left). Make sure you descend for the Book of Maintenance (right), which you can equip to your Eleth Mixer.

Take the only path you can, grabbing the Steel Tunic on the way, and then take the eastern-most block to bump another gold one. Take the other southern block to a chest with Life Bottle x3 and head east to another green block and descend.

Take the only block you can and then examine the floating rocks for the Silent Stone discovery and watch the Gut Archaeology skit. You can now follow the linear path up and eventually warp out.

Get the Life Bottles before heading deeper into the ruins to find the discovery and skit.

After the cutscene, head back into the ruins and watch the Touched in the Head skit. Take the northern blue block twice and then the western-most north block to spot a purple block just west. Take the northern-most west block to hit the purple block and then follow the path from the other block all the way to a chest with Panacea Bottle x2 . Now continue north and follow the path until you reach the Burn Charm .

Now head out of the ruins via this path:

  • South
  • South
  • South
  • North
  • East
  • South
  • South
  • South
  • Warp

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