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Hubert: The Youngest Lieutenant

After all the scenes you’ll receive the Spy’s Letter and Pascal gets you into trouble again, as usual. Head right to grab the Daphne Seeds and Red Wine and then feed a nearby cat. You can also examine the metal crest on the right of the stairs for the Annals of Victory discovery and Knight Moves skit and then check the star to meet up with Joe and his gang for Sweet and Sour Eel x3 .

Make sure to get the discovery and then check the star to meet up with Fiery Joe.

Check the left side of the dock area to find the Inn, grab the Magic Carta No. 35 , and watch the Observing the Observer skit at the save. You can now head up the steps to the top of Riot Peak for a Book of Metabolism (password: riot peak) on the right and then talk to the receptionist to start a series of fights.

The fights that follow are all with standard enemies that you have fought before, but there is increased numbers. Make sure you focus on protecting your healer so they can keep the party alive and you should have no problem reaching the Fendelian soldiers. The ranged weapon soldier should be your first target, since he will hang back and damage you from afar, and then you can take out the clawed soldiers.

Battle your way through the trails to the Fendelian soldiers and defeat them for a scene.

Once defeated, a scene will occur and you’ll gain Hubert’s The Youngest Lieutenant title. Head back to the Inn’s save to watch the En Guardian skit and you can then take on the Riot Peak Trials, if you wish.

Taking on Riot Peak:

You will likely be unable to finish it a whole match at this time, as you’ll probably get killed somewhere around floor 25 out of 31, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt them for a couple of things worth getting.

I suggest playing as Sophie, since she can heal herself and dish out some massive damage. Set her B-Artes all to attack except for non-direction + O to Heal, so you don’t accidentally trigger it when performing any other B-Artes and getting stuck at the worst time. Start the fight and go until you die to get as many rewards as possible. Try to get to at least floor 20, so you get the Battle Sword , Mastery Tonic EX , Elixir and Hand-Drawn Map .

After you die you can go back and replay certain sections to fight the enemies and steal rare items: Start at floor 6 and in the last battle against the Harpy x2 and Scepterista, kill off the harpies first and then use Eagle Dive (Up, Up A-Arte) until you steal the Daily Medicine or she dies (This requires that you have used the A-Artes title for Eagle Dive to add the steal effect to the item). Also of note is the Mammoth Specter, which you can steal Cod from.

You can redo floors to battle enemies over again, like the Scepterista for the Daily Medicine.

To continue you’ll need to talk to the spy for a scene and then head to Velanik via the ship.


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