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**Drive Unit**
Old Toy Blocks
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The Control Device
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Hubert: Lover of Lhant

Follow the path to a partition for the The Control Device skit and then take the warp that you just passed. Examine the panel at the end of the room before you warp back to the previous room and advance north, ignoring the two rooms, to reach the lift for the What Are We Missing? skit.

Open the partition to reach an inactive elevator for a skit about its inactive status.

You’ll need to grab a Charged Battery from one of the two previous rooms and replace the Spent Battery in the elevator’s device, but before using the elevator you should grab another Charged Battery.

Enter the first room for a scene at the star that grants a Drive Unit and Hubert’s Lover of Lhant title and then grab the Grape Gel x2 before you leave. Continue to follow the path to an intersection and head east to reach a Book of Exchanging before returning and heading north to another warp.

Watch the scene in the first room for Hubert's title and then check the second for a book.

Take a left on the new floor for an Eleth Bottle C and then examine the control panel to once again open the partition below. You can now warp back and continue north to exchange the Charged Battery for the Spent Battery. Make sure to head to the 1F to grab a new Charged Battery and then take the lift to B1, followed by B2 South.

Enter the first room to grab the Rare Scabbard and then continue north to a save point, heading east to another room with an All-Divide before returning and continue north for a scene.

You can now check the blocks by the right control panel for the Old Toy Blocks discovery and Cornell’s Legacy skit and then head toward the right door for another scene, gaining Asbel’s Host to the Light title.

Check the discovery for a skit and then exit for a scene about Sophie's previous sacrifice.

Exit through the door and head west to reach a room with an Elegant Feather before backtracking and heading east. Enter the first room for a Golden Bough and then continue north to exchange another Spent Battery for a Charged Battery. Once again, return back to the 1F for the final Charged Battery and then head to B3 South via B2.

Enter the first room to get the 705 Unit(s) of Eleth at the back of the room and then continue to another split, heading east to two rooms with a Misty Anklet , the Tarlow-X discovery, and the Merely Old Junk skit.

You can now backtrack to the intersection and head all the way west to reach another warp, examining another control panel to unlock the partition and then head back down. Continue north to a lift, where you can exchange the last Charged Battery, and take the elevator to B4 South.

Follow the path to a save point for the The Origin of the Amarcians skit and make sure to save for the upcoming battle. You can now head into the room for a scene and examine all of the holograms before checking Richard to start a fight.

Check both rooms in this hallway for an accessory and the Tarlow-X discovery.

Boss: ???

This boss isn’t actually that hard, due to it being a figment of Sophie’s memories and as with all enemies of this nature you’ll need to break the Nova barrier to get a decent chain going, but his weakness to A-Artes should allow you to do massive damage when you perform 50+ combos. Hubert is a great character for this battle when you put him on A-Artes focus with an Aggressive behavior, due to his multi-hit attacks that can beef up your combo number quickly, and you will probably want to use Malik over Pascal.

The good news is that this boss is slow and primarily uses swipe attacks that can easily be guarded, so focus on being aggressive and combo locking him and this fight will end pretty quickly.

Defeating this boss in 60 seconds will net you a trophy.

Lambda is easy to combo, so focus on chaining attacks (left). Make sure to avoid his swipe attacks, as well as his black aura (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Lambda in 60 Seconds

Defeated the materialized Lambda in a minute or less.

Trophy icon

Exit the south door to return to the save point for the The Reason Why skit and then head back to the elevator. Head to B2 via B3 and follow the path south to the lab for a scene and Sophie’s Pact Maker title. You can now make your way to the surface and exit to Region 13.

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