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Red Verbena
The Forgotten Ones
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Glimpses of the Past, Part II
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Asbel: Heart of Graces

Take the warp back to the Ghardia Shaft Center to head north for another flashback and then watch the Glimpses of the Past, Part II skit. You can watch the Hypothetically Speaking… skit at the nearby save and then head west to find a Red Verbena .

Watch the skits after passing through the flashback and then grab the nearby chest.

Head northeast and take the left warp to reach another Arithmos Core and then grab the Green Crystal from the Peach Device. You can now head back the way you came and head west to the green orb for the Give it a Spin skit before using it twice.

Take the northeastern warp to a pedestal where you can swap the Green Crystal for the Orange Crystal and then continue west across two warps until you reach the Panacea Bottle x2 .

Head southeast to swap the Orange Crystal for the Peach Crystal and then head back to the green orb at the top floor and use it once. You can now take the western warp to place the Peach Crystal in its pedestal and then take the nearby warp to reach a Red Saffron and the Vespereon boss.

Place the Peach Crystal oand then warp down for a chest and the Vespereon boss.

Return to the green orb again and use it twice and then take the eastern warp and follow the path back to where you gained the Panacea Bottles. Head south to an orange device and use it once and then warp back up one level to fight Rebirtheon in the east.

Warp back down to the previous level and continue northwest this time, opening the three chests with a Fatal Attraction , Syrup Bottle x2 , and 840 Unit(s) of Eleth before taking the central warp.

Start by heading east and west to grab the Mastery Tonic EX and Red Chamomile and then check the south to view the Getting Closer skit at the save point.

Grab the treasures on either side and then check the save to the south for a skit.

This whole area is like a clock, with 12 different branches. For ease I’ll be listing the locations as if it were a clock, with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom.

  • 10 - Examine the The Forgotten Ones discovery and watch the Used Tools skit
  • 8 - Use the yellow orb once
  • 7 - Pick up the Red Crystal
  • 11 - Swap the Red Crystal for the White Crystal
  • 8 - Use the yellow orb once
  • 4 - Grab the Arithmos Core
  • 5 - Grab the Red Savory and use the blue orb once
  • 1 - Swap the White Crystal for the Purple Crystal
  • 2 - Grab the Eleth Bottle EX and swap the Purple Crystal for the Blue Crystal
  • 7 - Place the Blue Crystal on the pedestal
  • 6 - Grab the Black Crystal
  • 1 - Swap the Black Crystal for the White Crystal
  • 6 - Place the White Crystal on the pedestal
    With all the crystals in place you can now head up the 12 o’ clock branch for a fight and then head through the illusionary wall for a scene before watching the Glimpses of the Past, Part III skit. You can now grab the nearby Life Bottle x3 and warp to the Depths.

Walk through the final flashback and then watch the skit about Lambda and Richard.

The Depths acts as another checkpoint warp that can take you all the way to the surface, but there’s no need to use it now. Follow the path to another warp and then head to the nearby warp, to the north, to grab the final Arithmos Core . You can now backtrack to the clock-like area and take the 3 and 9 o’clock paths to defeat the final two golems.

Return to the Depths and follow the path southwest through a bunch of warps, ignoring the north warp that leads to a dead end, and grab the 870 Unit(s) of Eleth from a northern alcove before continuing to a boss fight.

Boss: Proserpina x2

The most annoying part about this boss is that the flying means that some of your artes will be less than effective against them, meaning you should go for melee fighters like Asbel, Hubert, and Sophie. You’ll want to make sure to break through the Nova Shield to allow you to do decent combos and then just guard their attacks, many of which are similar forms of the Dispaters in the Strahta Desert Ruins.

You can now continue to follow the until you reach the final save point, where you can watch the What We Fight For skit.

Boss: Richard (Final) & Lambda Angelus

The fight with Richard is no different than the last time you fought him, so finish him quick.

Lambda uses a Nova Shield that you will have to cancel whenever it comes up and his major attacks are spells that can dish out lots of damage. In addition, Lambda has the ability petrify, stone, and weaken your party and when he gets low HP he starts to use Nova Shield more often and use his attacks more frequently.

Since Lambda is weak to A-Artes you’ll want to go with a melee team and be aggressive for large combos and guard or side-step any of his attacks. Make sure to back off when Lambda gets an Eleth Burst because his Mystic Arte is screen wide attack that can easily take 2-3 people out of combat at once. Since the AI may be too stupid to back off, it’s a good idea to equip the 1000 damage or more = 50% damage titles if you have them.

Defeating this boss in 60 seconds will net you a trophy and you’ll also be able to watch the A Pact Fulfilled skit for beating the game.

Lambda is a slow enemy, so focus your attacks on combos and guard his powerful attacks.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Lambda Angelus in 60 Seconds

Defeated Lambda in the final battle in a minute or less.

Trophy icon
You have beat Tales of Graces f for the first time. No fear, it is not over! There is plenty still to do if you wish to continue playing.
Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Pact Fulfilled

Completed Chapter 8.

Trophy icon

Now that you have beaten the game you can strive to do the following by changing your difficulty:

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Game Clear: Moderate

Completed the game on the Moderate difficulty setting.

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Game Clear: Hard

Completed the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Game Clear: Evil

Completed the game on the Evil difficulty setting.

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Game Clear: Chaos

Completed the game on the Chaos difficulty setting.

Trophy icon

There are two major choices now, gameplay advancement wise:

  • New Game+
  • Extras Menu > Lineage and Legacies (Continues the story in Future Arc)
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