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– Pascal and the Spy

Items Checklist
**Evidence of Espionage**
Skits Checklist
Two Birds
Titles Checklist
Pascal: Patriot of Fendel

Head to Fendel Tower for the Two Birds skit at the save point and then take the elevator under the stairs to B10. Talk to the smiley-faced man on this floor for a scene to gain the Evidence of Espionage and Pascal’s Patriot of Fendel title and then head into the dark corridor.

Watch the skit on the 1F and then head to B10 to talk to the terrorist spy.

Start by turning the first and second valve to cross the venting and then cross the pipe and move the platform to the left side before taking the lift. Turn both valves and make sure to leave the platform in the right position, allowing you to cross the west platform and descend to the 555 Unit(s) of Eleth before leaving to the south.

Enter the next corridor and turn the valve before taking the lift down. Head east, crossing the platform, and then take the other lift for the Hazardous Liquid before turning the other valve. You can now walk across the venting and turn the left valve back on before descending again.

Take the western lift down this time and ride the platform to the right to turn the right valve and exit to the south. Here you can find a Venomous Needle and Book of Expansion , hidden behind a crate, and then ride the elevator back to the 1F.

Grab the two treasures, one of which is hidden behind the crate on the right.

– Rangers, Move Out!

Items Checklist
Skits Checklist
Inspiring Ire

Head to the Fendel Research Laboratory and take the lift to Fourier’s Lab to leave through the southern door and watch the Inspiring Ire skit at the save point. Afterwards, head east to is a star for a scene and a fight to gain the Pondslopper item and then check the boxes in the corner for the Gauss’s Seal .

Check the save for a skit about Cheria and then make sure to get the Gauss’s Seal.

– A Sword of Antiquity + Shot Cube

Items Checklist
Skits Checklist
Tall Tales

Head to the save point near the Amarcian Enclave Inn for the Tall Tales skit and then head to the Overseer’s Chamber to talk to Poisson to finish the Sword of Antiquity event, gaining the Excalibur . You can now play Shot Cube Levels 10-12.

Stage 10: Push the bottom left block right and then push the new group into the middle. Now push the bottom right block up and push this new group in too. You can now push the remaining block on the right wall in, followed by the rest of the blocks for the Mythril Shotstaff .

Stage 10: Push the blocks into pairs before you push them into the center.

Stage 11: Start by pushing the top middle block on the left wall to the opposite side and then push the single block on the right wall to the opposite side. Now push the top right block in, followed by the group on the left wall, and then push the remaining top block down. You can now push in the last group and single block to finish the puzzle for the Rare Shotstaff .

Stage 11: Push the blocks across to group them before you deal with the remaining blocks.

Stage 12: Push the bottom left block up and the top right block down first, followed by pushing the bottom middle block on the right wall into the middle. You can now push the bottom right block up before you push the top middle block on the right wall across to the opposite site.

Make sure to push the bottom block up before the group on the left wall in and then push the top block down before pushing the remaining blocks in to complete the puzzle for the Winner’s Trophy , and the Puzzle Master skit.

Stage 12: Make sure to carefully push the blocks out of the corners or you’ll get stuck.

With most of the blocks set, you can mop up the remaining blocks to finish the puzzle.

– Lorelia’s Grave

Items Checklist
Arcane Bottle
Skits Checklist
Music Makers
Titles Checklist
Malik: Unable to Die

Head to Fendel Glacier Ruins and make your way to the valkines, getting the Music Makers skit at the save point, and then check behind the warp for a hidden tunnel that leads to an Arcane Bottle , Elixir , 4546 Gald , and Grape Gel x2 . At the bottom of the long tunnel, check the star for a scene to gain Kurt’s Pendant and Malik’s Unable to Die title before opening the new chest for the Abyssal Vestments .

Watch the skit and then make your way to the bottom of the tunnel to find Lorelia’s grave.

– Version 6.1 + Sophie’s Seed Collection

Items Checklist
**Book of Audacity**
Titles Checklist
Sophie: Version 6.1

Travel to World’s Eye and head east, south, and east to a pod with a new chest containing the Book of Audacity . You can now jump into the orifice to head west twice for a Rare Tunic and check the star for a scene, gaining the Data Recorder and Sophie’s Version 6.1 title.

You can now head to the star by the Item Shop in Lhant for a scene that allows you to now buy Melons, used to make Melon Gels.

Stop by World’s Eye to complete the sidequest and then check up on your seeds.

– Death of a Humanoid

Skits Checklist
Target Practice
Titles Checklist
Pascal: Brainiac

Head to the save point on the 1F of Telos Astue for the Target Practice skit and then make sure you have following items:

  • Soaring Crystal x2
  • Overgrown Crystal x2
  • Formless Crystal x2
  • Hyperdense Crystal x2
  • Artificial Crystal x2
  • Moist Crystal x2
    Make your way to the Humanoid Research Center and head to B4 South via B3 to watch the Just Between Us Gals skit at the save point. You can now head back to B2 to head west, north, and east to check a star for a scene. If you have the above materials, which you should, you can check the star again for another scene to gain Pascal’s Brainiac title.

Get the skit and then head to the star to make a mecha-Sophie with the above materials.

– Captain Handsome

Items Checklist
Skits Checklist
A Desolate World
Titles Checklist
Malik: Model Soldier

Make your way to the final area of Bathus Citadel, where we got the Derris Bit, and watch the A Desolate World at the save point for another Drill and Malik’s Model Soldier title.

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