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Tales of Graces F
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 19-03-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 31-03-2020 / 16:33 GMT

Tales of Graces F Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Optional Sidequests

Shuttle Locations

– Rest and Recreation

Items Checklist
Inner Tube | **Shark Fin**
Sunscreen Rangers
Skits Checklist
The Beaches Brigade
Titles Checklist
Cheria: Alluring Temptress

In Shuttle Mode, search for (X Axis: -367 + Y Akis: -159) to find the Beach Resort.

Head to the right wall to check the display for the Sunscreen Rangers discovery and watch the The Beaches Brigade skit and then speak to the receptionist to use the pool for a funny scene and Cheria’s Alluring Temptress title.

Enjoy the discovery with Hubert and then talk to the receptionist for a beach scene.

Now head to the exit for a scene and then take the northwest door back to the beach, grabbing the sparkling point in the middle of the area for the Inner Tube attachment and then head into the water near the dolphin-like blow-up on the right wall for the Shark Fin .

– Vault Full of Memories

Items Checklist
Eleth Bottle EX | Life Bottle x3 | Panacea Bottle x2 | Peach Gel x2 | Beef x2 | Peach x3 | Arcane Bottle | Hourglass | All-Divide | Imperial Crest | White Wine x3 | Syrup Bottle x2 | Seablue Vestments | Red Wine x3 | Elixir | Mastery Tonic EX | Drop Bottle | Bizarre Clump | Toxic Fluid | **Seablue Statue**
Skits Checklist
Ill-Gotten Gains
Titles Checklist
Hubert: Scion of Oswell

In Shuttle Mode, search for (X Axis: 2 + Y Axis: -308) to find the Oswell Family Vault.

Boss: Martial Fury

This "boss" is not difficult and has low HP, which almost makes it as easy to fight as a standard Artillery unit. Finish it off quickly to gain access to the rest of the Oswell Family Vault and Hubert’s Scion of Oswell title.

Defeat the vault guardian, an fairly easy boss provided you haven't been avoiding enemies.

After the scene head south down the ramp and check the alcoves to the east and west for the Eleth Bottle EX and Life Bottle x3 . Now head back up the ramp and check the east and west again for the Panacea Bottle x2 and Peach Gel x2 .

You can now check the main building for the following items, from west to east: Red Wine x3 , Elixir , Mastery Tonic EX , Drop Bottle , Bizarre Clump , Toxic Fluid , Seablue Statue , Syrup Bottle x2 , Imperial Crest , Beef x2 , Peach x3 , Arcane Bottle , Hourglass , All-Divide , White Wine x3 , and Seablue Vestments .

Grab the many treasures in the vault, including the new armor for Hubert.

You can also check the painting on the east side for the Ill-Gotten Gains skit and return to the shuttle.

– Lambda’s Remains

Items Checklist
**Proof of Another World** | Silvered Vestments
Skits Checklist
Belated Apologies

Important: Make sure to Save before you continue

In Shuttle Mode, search for (X Axis: -381 + Y Axis: 129) to find the Shuttle Crash Site.

No. ??? (Unknown)

Set your difficulty down to Easy and then put the characters with the highest HP in your party and equip titles that give the reduced damage if they receive a huge hit, like Asbel’s Paragon and Malik’s Time Traveler titles. You’ll also want to set everyone to manual so they stay away from the enemy and then you can then approach the star for a scene.

This enemy is not dangerous, in terms of fighting, but he will begin a self destruct at some point in the battle that does MASSIVE damage. Your only hope is to have at least one character live, since Curry will not revive your party if everyone dies at the same time. If you have to you can use an All-Divide to make this process even easier.

Lambda's body is ready to explode and you just need to survive the outcome.

When you manage to survive you’ll gain the Proof of Another World item. You can now check the front of the shuttle for the Belated Apologies skit and behind it for Sophie’s Silvered Vestments .

– The Turtlez Bozz + A Sword of Antiquity

Items Checklist
**Businezz Application** | Aston's Sword
Skits Checklist
Sup, Peoplez?
Titles Checklist
Sophie: Gothic Lolita

In Shuttle Mode, search for (X Axis: 334 + Y Axis: 180) to find the Turtlez HQ.

There isn’t much here really, but if you speak to the smiley-faced Turtlez you’ll get the Businezz Application and Sophie’s Gothic Lolita title. Afterward, head all the way north for the Sup, Peoplez? skit by the waving Turtlez.

You can now head to the Knight Academy in Barona and talk to Victoria in her study for a scene. You can now return to the smiley-faced Turtlez near the entrance of the Turtlez HQ, who will sell you Aston’s Sword for 120,000 Gald.

Talk to Victoria in Barona and then the Turtlez to buy back your father's sword.

Guide Information

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    Namco Bandai Games
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    Wii, PS3
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  • Guide Release
    19 March 2013
  • Last Updated
    1 November 2019
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    Stephanie Barnes

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