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Head inside and swing across the spikes to stand on a pressure plate and allow your allies inside. Climb up the pyramid side and enter the second alcove for a Cave Painting and then continue. Inside the pyramid, swing across and land on another pressure plate, but don’t bother moving your allies forward, as they will soon teleport. Now, head further inside to move your allies forward.

Take the second ladder up into an alcove that has three Egyptians carrying fish on a pole and bring all three party members in front of it to get the trophy/achievement Walk Like An Adventurer . Now head all the way down to the bottom of the pyramid and finding the Ankh and then bring it all the way to the top and place it in the Ankh Recess . This will open the door and you can swing across the spikes and stand on the rabbit pressure panel to open a nearby door.

Move your characters up to the picture on the wall for an achievement/trophy (left). Grab the Ankh from below and insert it in the Ankh Recess at the top of the pyramid (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Walk Like An Adventurer

Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.

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Switch to both of your other character and take them to the newly opened area and stand on the farthest panels to the left and right (Snake and Lion). Back at the Adventurer, hop off the rabbit panel and climb up onto the ledge above and head through the now opened door and spot the next clue for the pressure panels.

Switch to your allies and this time put them both on the jackal and then use the adventurer’s special ability to swing up to the ledge above. Now, move your allies to the Bird, but be careful as this only slows the spike. Wait for the spikes to lower and cross and then move both allies to the Snake panel again. Drop down, hitting the spike panel that now poses a danger for your allies, and then move them to the Lion panel to allow the adventurer to continue, hitting another spike panel. Finally, move your allies to the Bird and Jackal panels, slowing the spikes, and then run and swing across to reach the sarcophagus.

Use the adventurer to spot pictures on the walls (left). The two allies need to step on the relevant pressure plates (right).

Now we have to move the sarcophagus around, so have your allies stand on the Snake and Bird panels and push the sarcophagus out the door with the adventurer. When it drops, head to the right side and push it left to stop on a darker color panel that is an elevator.

The next section is timed. As the sarcophagus lowers, you will need to switch to your allies to open the doors and allow the adventurer in and able to remove the panels blocking the tombs path south. Start by having them on the Jackal and then drop down into the room below and run left and drop down again to get a Cave Painting .

Move the sarcophagus until it starts moving downwards (left). Use the pressure plates to open the gates below it as it descends and watch out for a Cave Painting (right) on the way down.

Return to the sarcophagus and hit the pressure plate to the left of the sarcophagus to get it going. Now rush down and go under the sarcophagus and hit the pressure plate on the left to allow it to pass. As soon as it is in the way of the door, run back right and drop again. Quickly, move your allies to the panel just right of their current one (the Lion) and then switch back to the adventurer and head through the door and hit the pressure plate again to reach the bottom.

Push the sarcophagus to the right, accidently killing you “friend” and when the floor caves in, head left. Notice the wall has some drawings on it and a golden bowl in front; well you need to complete each of the three drawings by having your allies stand on the correct panels and your adventurer on the third.

Match each of the three panels on the wall withe the three characters (left). Grab the Cave Painting as you leave the area (right).

Once you have lit all three areas your allies will be free of the spike room and a heavy block will drop. Use this block to weigh down the platform where the adventurer is and then get all three allies on the pressure plate by the exit. Head out, collecting the Cave Painting , and continue onward.

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It Belongs In a Museum

Completed the Adventurer's side-area.  (Xbox only)

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