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Find Zevlor Quests

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Find Zevlor is a quest in Act Two of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with the tieflings at the Last "Light" iconLight Inn.


  • Find Zevlor.
    • Zevlor was captured by the cult of the Absolute. His fellow tieflings claim he froze and tried to surrender. We should look for him.
    • The tieflings were captured and brought to Moonrise Towers, but Zevlor isn’t with them. His fellow tieflings are angry with him - claiming he wanted to surrender. Some even think he was secretly a cultist.
    • Something happened with Zevlor and the tieflings out in the darkness - something bad. And it sounds like the tieflings blame him for it. We should find out more.
    • We found the tieflings, but Zevlor isn’t with them. They claim he wanted to surrender to the cult. Some even think he was secretly a cultist. We should look for him.
    • Arabella’s father claims that Zevlor betrayed the tieflings, and tried to run.
    • The tieflings were ambushed by the cultists out in the darkness. Zevlor urged them to surrender, and in the confusion the cultists attacked - kidnapping several of the tieflings.
  • Free Zevlor.
    • We found Zevlor trapped in a pod - the same type we awoke in on the Nautiloid. He will likely die without our help.
  • "Help" iconHelp Zevlor.
    • We opened the pods - releasing a host of mind flayers. We’re in for a fight.
  • We purged the mind flayer pods in the colony. Zevlor was in one of them - he must have perished.
  • We never found Zevlor.
  • We couldn’t save Zevlor from his fate.
  • We saved Zevlor, who explained that he let the Absolute infiltrate his mind. It’s unlikely the tieflings will welcome him back - he’ll have to forge his own path now.
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