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Frequently asked questions

Before contacting us, have a look through these frequently asked questions. You may find the answers to your question below.

1. How do I cancel my Premium Membership?

We are sorry to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account and end your membership, all you need to do is login and click the menu icon in the navigation to access your settings page. If you cancel, please take a moment to let us know how we can improve by leaving a response to the survey that appears upon cancellation. It will only take a couple of minutes and your response will really help us get better and allow us to add more features members really want to our service.

2. How do I download PDFs?

PDFs are only available for Premium members. After subscribing to premium click the 'Download' button and then 'PDF' to start generating your PDF. It should automatically begin downloading to your computer after a few moments.

Screenshot showing how to download a PDF

3. What is you Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel your Gamer Guides Premium membership at any time, and you will continue to have access to the service through the end of the monthly/yearly billing period.

4. What is your Refund Policy?

To the extent permitted by the applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credit for any unused membership periods or content that has not been downloaded.

For monthly or yearly subscription purchases made through the GamerGuides.com website, we are usually able to accommodate refund requests only in exceptional cases where genuine mistakes or accidental billing has occurred and can be evidenced. These will be made within 30 days of your purchase. At our discretion, we may choose to issue a refund where a member has notified us of a cancellation within a reasonable time period after the next renewal period has begun. Lifetime memberships are not eligible for a refund.

Still have questions?

A) The fastest way to get in touch with us is to: Join our Discord server

B) Use our email-based contact form: