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Save the Gondians Quests

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Save the Gondians is a quest in Act Three of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Zanner Toobin in the Steel Watch Foundry.


  • Find the prison.
    • We met Zanner Toobin, leader of the Gondians constructing Steel Watchers. We agreed to free their families, kept hostage by Gortash, in exchange for the Steel Watch’s destruction. The hostages’ location is kept secret, but Zanner thinks there may be clues in the Foundry’s lower levels. We must be careful not to be seen - or risk disaster.
  • Go to the prison.
    • It seems the Banites are using a type of submersible to transport people to an underwater prison. We should leave and search the warehouse by the docks.
    • We found a warehouse occupied by worgs - they must be guarding something.
    • We discovered a secret dock beneath the warehouse - and a submersible. This must be the way to the underwater prison.
    • On our way to the Iron Throne, Gortash warned us to turn back, or he would destroy the prison. However, if we leave, then we will abandon the Iron Throne prisoners to their fate.
  • Save as many hostages as possible.
    • We entered the Iron Throne - the underwater prison. We don’t have much time before the entire thing blows. We need to save as many people as possible.
    • We entered a collapsing Iron Throne, and an escaping hostage boarded our submersible. We should find the others and get them on board quickly - there’s not much time before the Iron Throne sinks.
  • Escape the Iron Throne.
    • The hostages, those who survived, have made it to the submersible. We need to leave as soon as we can.
  • Check on the survivors.
    • We saved all the prisoners and fled using the submersible. We should speak to the survivors.
    • We saved everyone we could, and fled using the submersible. We should speak to the survivors.
  • The Iron Throne hostages we saved asked us to go to the Steel Watch Foundry and liberate their families.
  • The prisoners in the Iron Throne are dead. We should let Zanner Toobin know what happened.
  • Protect the Gondians.
    • We returned to the Steel Watch Foundry in the nick of time. We need to protect the Gondians.
  • Talk to Zanner Toobin.
    • We should speak to Zanner Toobin.
  • Explore the Steel Watch Foundry’s depths.
    • We need to go to the Foundry’s depths in order to destroy it. Along the way, we can liberate any Gondians we meet. They know we’re coming and will help us.
    • We lied to Zanner Toobin about saving his daughter - he believed us. He can help us destroy the Steel Watch Foundry.
  • Save the rest of the Gondians.
    • Zanner Toobin is dead, but we cannot stop. We need to go to the Foundry’s depths, save the Gondians we meet along the way, and destroy the Steel Watch Foundry - for good.
  • Defeat the Steel Watcher Titan in the Control Centre.
    • Zanner Toobin warned us of a Steel Watcher Titan guarding the Foundry’s Control Centre. We should prepare ourselves for a fight.
  • Destroy the Steel Watch Foundry.
    • Free of their Banite oppressors, the surviving Gondians asked us to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry. We need to head to the Control Centre in the Foundry’s depths to do so.
  • Bring Zanner Toobin to the Control Centre.
    • We destroyed the Steel Watcher Titan and cleared the path to the Control Centre for Zanner Toobin. We should tell him - then the Foundry’s destruction can begin.
  • Talk to Zanner Toobin.
    • The Steel Watcher Titan lies destroyed at our feet - we just need Zanner to begin the Foundry’s destruction.
  • Zanner Toobin is dead, and the other Gondians will not rise against their oppressors.
  • We sided with Wulbren Bongle and condemned all the surviving Gondians to death.
  • We came to blows with Wulbren Bongle to protect the surviving Gondians.
  • We brokered a shaky peace between the Gondian and Ironhand gnomes.
  • There is nothing left of the Gondian workers to save.
  • Zanner Toobin and the surviving Gondians turned on us when they learned of the Iron Throne hostages’ demise.
  • All the Iron Throne hostages are dead.
  • A Banite contingency measure incinerated all the Gondian workers. There’s nothing but ash left to save.
  • We saved the Gondians from the Steel Watch Foundry - striking a blow at the heart of Gortash’s metal militia.
  • We saved the Gondians without bloodshed by deposing the Ironhand’s bloodthirsty leader, Wulbren.
  • We left the quarrels of gnomes behind us to face our final foe.
  • With Gortash dead, the Steel Watch destroyed the Foundry that created them - covering up the atrocities committed there.
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