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Melted Heart of Selig Unique Amulets


  • Resource generation
  • Core Skill Damage
  • All Stats
  • Damage While Healthy
  • Gain 30% Maximum Resource. In addition, when you take damage, drain resource for every 1% life you would have lost instead.

In-Game Description

Do not allow your passions to become obsessions. Fuel the fire that burns within you, but it is madness to allow yourself to become ash to please an uncaring universe. - Last words of Master Selig

Detailed Location

This is an exceptionally rare unique item, with Adam Jackson, one of the leading class designers on Diablo 4 stating:

  1. They can drop from level 85+ enemies
  2. You get them anywhere you can get a regular Unique, and they always drop at 820 ipower
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