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Traveler's Superstition Hawezar Side Quest


  • Solve the note’s riddle
  • Investigate the hidden chest


One of the simpler Side Quests harking back to the early things you need to do when the game was teaching you about the Action Wheel. The note you find suggests you must pay homage to ‘her’ to receive a gift.

The ‘her’ in question here is the statue right next to the Side Quest marker. Step across to the statue, bring up your Wheel and choose the Hello option, Your character will issue a greeting and a hidden chest will appear at the statue’s feet. Simple as that.

Detailed Location

  • Just north of the wrecks on the east coast of Rotspill Delta in Hawezar.

In-Game Description

Attempt the traveler’s superstitious ritual.

I found a strange note with a traveler’s superstition ritual described on it, and the boon that she received. Could it work for me?

I engaged in a superstitious ritual mentioned by a traveler at the site of many shipwrecks and a chest appeared. Maybe there’s something good in there.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16893 Y: 15042
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