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Dragon's Dogma 2

Shadowed Prayers - Who Is the Assassin?

Scott Peers

The Shadowed Prayers quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be started in Bakbattahl once you’ve spoken with an NPC named Menella, who can be found in The Rockmouse’s Burrow tavern, in the northwest of Bakbattahl, when you first enter the city. You need to speak with Menella to obtain a pass that will allow you to roam the city freely, so it’s worth doing on your first visit regardless. After speaking with her, you should rest at an inn in the city to make a hard save. You’ll need to return to this save if you fail the objective ahead, so don’t skip it! With all that done, make your way to the Flamebearer Palace to find Menella on the road to it, and from here you’ll be able to start Shadowed Prayers. On this page, we’ll show you how to identify the assassin and save Empress Nadinia.

You need to speak with Menella outside Flamebearer Palace in Bakbattahl to begin this quest.

How to Find the Assassin in Shadowed Prayers

As mentioned above, when you approach Flamebearer Palace for the first time (after resting at an inn to ensure that Menella respawns and that you have a hard save to return to should you fail), Menella will approach you just outside of the palace and request your aid. It turns out that an assassin has attempted to kill Empress Nadinia, and although Menella is usually charged with protecting her, she’s unfit to do so currently after suffering a wound from the assassin when she last confronted them. As a result, she wants you to help her by identifying the assassin during the next supplication, during which Empress Nadinia offers prayers in the Flamebearer Palace Prayer Hall.

As mentioned by Menella, the next supplication will take place in the morning, so you can force this by resting at the Pilgrims’ Inn, or any other inn where you can rest in the city, if you prefer. When you wake up, all you have to do is go back to the Flamebearer Palace, where Menella will stop you at the bottom of the stairs, next to another Beastren named Irmhild. At the end of the conversation, you’ll be given the Bandit Bill of Arrest note, which you can inspect in your inventory. You can’t interact with the note, but it states the following when you hover over it:

How to Apprehend the Assassin in Flamebearer Palace

Brigand who assailed Empress Nadinia - to be apprehended on sight. Description: wears his hair tied back. Right arm was wounded during the attack.

So, the two most important pieces of information here are that the bandit assassin wears his hair tied back and has a wound on his right arm. You might think this will make it easy to spot the assassin, but there are a few NPCs praying on the stairs who also have their hair tied back, and the wound on his arm isn’t so easy to spot unless you look closely. To make things worse, you only have a limited amount of time to identify the assassin before a cutscene plays, during which Empress Nadinia will be killed if you fail. If you apprehend the wrong person, you will still fail and Nadinia will still be killed, so it’s important that you get this right the first time if you want to avoid reloading from a hard save.

As soon as you’re done speaking with Menella and Irmhild, you can go up the stairs to find a group of people praying on them. The assassin is here, but you’ll need to look closely to identify them. We recommend turning on your lantern since it will help you to highlight the features of each NPC. Keep in mind that the wound on the right arm of the assassin doesn’t look fresh, as you might expect, and instead manifest in the form of a large scar. You only have a short amount of time to identify the assassin, so don’t dawdle too much here. We found the assassin on the right side of the stairs, but if you want to make sure that you apprehend the correct person, check the screenshots below.

(1 of 2) Turn your lantern on to help you identify the assassin.

Turn your lantern on to help you identify the assassin. (left), You can see the wound on the assassin’s right arm when you look closely. (right)

Once you’re sure that you’ve got the right person, you need to grab them by pressing DualSense-R2 (R2) by default. This should be enough to start a new cutscene, during which Menella thanks you for identifying the correct target. You’ll soon find yourself inside the palace, where Empress Nadinia thanks you, and you’ll receive 3500 XP, 18,000 gold, and x5 Jasper for your trouble.

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