Final Fantasy X Strategy Guide




Hello, and welcome to my first PlayStation 3/Vita guide. This guide concerns the HD compilation of the two Final Fantasy X games, which is kind of fitting for a first guide on these consoles, given that I poured much of my youth into these two games. (Granted, it’s only my first guide for the console - I’ve gotten well over 300 on others.) They’re very fun games to play, if but a bit lengthy, and perfect material for at least warming me up to the newer PlayStation consoles. After all, who knows, I might work on Kingdom Hearts 2.5. =P

This all said, I can’t really offer much more than that for an intro. FFX and FFX-2 were great RPGs to begin Square Enix’s FF series on the PlayStation 2, and they quickly became among of my favorite games on the console. While I still deem Final Fantasy V, VI, and VII more appropriate for remakes than these two, I still look forward to making a guide for these. Hope you enjoy!

If you have any feedback, questions or problems, please email either or We really hope you get as much out of this as you can and enjoy this incredible world for the first time or relive your youth again.

KeyBlade and Claire.