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078 Special Forces Operator Standard

Category iconAbilities Description

Raise the power of allied cards on affected tiles by 2 while this card is in play.


Icon for <span>Yes</span> Yes

Card Overview

  • Availability: Post-Game (Chapter Select)
  • Method of Acquisition: Purchase from any item shop
  • Card Pack: Queen’s Blood Booster Pack: Endgame Baddies
  • Cost: 500 gil

How to Obtain / Card Location

To obtain the Special Forces Operator card in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth after completing the main story and entering the post-game phase via Chapter Select, players can purchase the Queen’s Blood Booster Pack: Endgame Baddies from any item shop for 500 gil. This pack contains the Special Forces Operator card among its contents.

Queens Blood Booster Pack

Endgame Baddies QB Booster Packs

Cost (Gil)


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