Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Xbox Achievements

35 4
30 1
20 2
15 6
10 20
Ultra Rare 8
Very Rare 4
Rare 10
Uncommon 9
Common 2
Collectable 5
Missable 1
Grind 4
Boss Battle 3
Story 8
Sidequest 5
Character Related 1
Mini-game 5
Puzzle 1
Clear Filters

Trophy Roadmap

Final Fantasy X is a game that is not too difficult to get through normally, aside from a few challenging bosses. Most of the challenge in the game will come from the optional superbosses, as you will need to do a lengthy grind to boost most of your stats to the maximum.

Step 1

The first step is to play through the main story, with you gaining access to the final story dungeon. There are two important things to keep in mind as you’re going through the story, though. The first thing is to make sure you complete both the Besaid Trials and Macalania Trials on your first visit. If you don’t, then later on in the game, both of these places will be blocked off by powerful optional bosses.

The second thing to keep in mind is to collect the Al Bhed Primers in both Home, as well as your mandatory visit to Bevelle. These are both locations you only visit once, so if you don’t collect the Primers then, you will miss them and have to start over from the beginning of the game. While there are other Primers in locations you only see once, those can be collected in another area you will always have access to.

Step 2

Upon gain access to the final dungeon, if you haven’t done so yet, head back to the Calm Lands and purchase three Capture weapons from the Monster Arena NPC. For collecting one of each fiend in the Calm Lands, you will receive enough items to customize Deathstrike (preferably Tidus), which helps immensely with capturing fiends. Continually fight the Anaconduar in the Monster Arena, stealing Petrify Grenades, then once you get enough, add Stonestrike to another character’s weapon (preferably Wakka). The last Capture weapon should be Auron, with just Piercing added to it.

Your goal should be to capture at least five of every monster that contributes to the Monster Arena. This will unlock Ultima Buster, which gives 99 Dark Matters. Preferably, you’d want to capture ten of every monster, as that will be one thing you need to do to unlock Nemesis. Do this for every area in the game, although you will need to trek through the final story dungeon enough to access the second area, where you find new fiends not in the first area.

Step 3

Now that you’ve captured all of the fiends (or most of them), you should have a bunch of items from unlocking Creations. You need to customize some armors for your characters, preferably with Auto-Haste and Auto-Phoenix on your main three (should be using Wakka, Rikku and Tidus). You also want to work towards Auto-Protect, with Ribbon on one character. The others could get something like Def +%. Your one goal should be to go after One-Eye, so you could try to get Triple AP weapons from it. You only need enough for your main three for now. Once you have those weapons (with two empty slots), customize Overdrive -> AP, as well as Double/Triple Overdrive.

From here, you will be doing AP grinding on Don Tonberry. You will want to grind out enough to fill in all of the non-empty nodes on the Sphere Grid. Don’t worry too much about the nodes behind the Locks, as they shouldn’t be too important. Should you need more Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Spheres, purchase the Distillers from the shop and use Kottos to get more, as needed. This will probably take a bit of time, but it will prepare you for the next step.

Step 4

Your three main characters should be strong enough now to start taking on some of the other Creations. This step will start diving into filling out the empty nodes on the Sphere Grid, with stat nodes. Start with Strength Spheres, which drop from Juggernaut, as having 255 Strength will go a long way. With Strength at 255, you will definitely want maxed Defense and Magic Defense. Agility only needs to be at 170, while Evasion could go to 255 if you want. There is no reason to go beyond the 9999 HP and 999 MP cap, which you will get from the HP/MP nodes already on the Sphere Grid. Despite it being a pain to farm, because of the enemies involved, you should get Luck to 85 on three characters, since it will help make sure you don’t miss Penance’s arms.

Stat Sphere Enemy
Strength Juggernaut
Defense Tanket
Magic Defense One-Eye
Accuracy Hornet
Agility Fenrir
Evasion Pteryx
Luck Greater Sphere
Fortune Spheres Earth Eater
Magic Vidatu

Step 5

Now that you’ve worked on character stats and should have followed the step above, you can begin working on finishing off the Monster Arena. Note that you will need to capture ten of every monster that you can, as well as defeat all other Monster Arena Creations before Nemesis will unlock. With near maxed out stats on your main party, you should have no trouble with really any of the bosses, except for Nemesis.

Step 6

With the Monster Arena finished, you can now turn your attention to the Dark Aeons and Penance. Start with Dark Valefor, as she’s the easiest, then work your way up down the list of the Aeons as you earned them during the game. You should leave the Magus Sisters and Bahamut for last, as they are considered the most difficult. However, if you fight the Magus Sisters separate, then they are a lot easier. When you’ve finally finished the Dark Aeons, you will have access to Penance. Before diving straight in, you will want to create an armor specific to him, which includes Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Potion, and Def +20%. Stock up on X-Potions (Bribe Valaha from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth), making sure to get rid of the Hi-Potions and regular Potions, as well as Megalixirs (bribe Varuna).

Step 7

This is the final step for getting all trophies and achievements, which will be for cleaning up. There shouldn’t really be anything to clean up, although you might need to max the Sphere Grid for all characters. If you’ve already cleared the Monster Arena and Penance, then you could use a Clear Sphere on some of the Luck nodes to make it easier on yourself. Also, if you missed any of the Al Bhed Primers, then you can import a save at one of the Al Bhed Compilation Spheres, then rush through the story until you get to the ones you missed. Lastly, don’t forget about the Movie/Music Spheres from Luca Theater.

Icon Achievement Rarity Score
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Master Linguist

Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers.
6.54% Very Rare 30
Collectable Missable

Al Bhed is a language in the world of Final Fantasy X and at the beginning of the game, you don’t understand a single word of it. Hidden throughout the game’s world are Al Bhed Primers that will translate a single letter at a time. There’s 26 Primers in total, one for each letter of the Roman alphabet, and most of them can be gotten whenever. However, there are four Primers that are in locations you cannot visit after finishing, so they are missable. Click on this link, Al Bhed Primers, for the locations of every single one in the game.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Overcoming the Nemesis

Defeat Nemesis.
2.28% Ultra Rare 35
Grind Boss Battle

Nemesis is the ultimate creation in the Monster Arena, requiring you to defeat all other Creations, as well as capturing 10 of every single fiend in the game in order to unlock it. Go to this link, Nemesis, for details about the battle with the fiend.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Perfect Sphere Master

Complete the Sphere Grids for all main characters
1.03% Ultra Rare 35

This trophy/achievement is a huge grind, as you have to fill out the Sphere Grid for every single character. Doing this also includes all of the empty nodes, so you will need to farm the purple spheres from some of the fiends in the Monster Arena. Since you are going to be doing Penance, if you want all trophies/achievements, you will be pretty close to maxing out most stats for your characters. If you’ve already defeated Penance, then Magic Defense Spheres are the easiest to farm to fill in empty nodes.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Defeat Penance.
1.55% Ultra Rare 35
Grind Boss Battle

Penance is the ultimate superboss of the game and requires you to grind out a lot of stats for your characters. You will want to max out Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, and possibly Accuracy and Agility before fighting it. You will need to defeat all of the Dark Aeons, then you will find a listing for it on your airship’s navigationg. For more information about the preparations for the battle against Penance, as well as the battle itself, click this link here (Penance).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Eternal Calm

Defeat Yu Yevon.
13.46% Rare 35
Show SpoilerShow Spoiler

Yu Yevon is the final boss of the game, which is done after fighting Braska’s Final Aeon. It is almost impossible to lose against Yu Yevon, as you have permanent Auto-Life.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Journeys Catalyst

View "Eternal Calm".
19.94% Rare 15

The Eternal Calm is a special movie that bridges the gap between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. On the main menu, when you choose which game to play, you will see an option called Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm. This is the movie and it will run you around 10-15 minutes to watch in its entirety. The trophy/achievement will pop at the end of the movie. Note that there is no requirement to view this, but it’s a good idea to play the game first if you haven’t.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Blitzball Master

Unlock all slot reels.
7.41% Very Rare 15

Slot Reels are Wakka’s Overdrive and other than the first one, the rest are unlocked via Blitzball. You will need to finish at least 450 battles in the main game, outside of the Monster Arena, in order to make the last one available. Attack Reels is won from a tournament, Status Reels from a League (following Attack Reels), and Auroch Reels from a Tournament (after obtaining Status Reels).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Chocobo Master

Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race.
3.54% Ultra Rare 15

Remiem Temple is an optional area accessible from the Calm Lands, after clearing the first Chocobo Training course. This allows you to ride a chocobo on the Calm Lands, so head up the ramp near the entrance to the Calm Lands and look for a feather on the right side. Interact with it to fly to the entrance to Remiem Temple. Once in the area, go to the right side and you will find a chocobo. Talking to the chocobo will allow you to start the race, where you need to make it to the bottom. Along the way, you will find chests and if you open a certain number, while still winning, then you will get prizes. For more information on how to easily get all 5 chests and still win, visit the Remiem Temple Walkthrough page.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Learn to use all enemy abilities.
4.51% Ultra Rare 15

Kimahri’s Overdrive allows him to learn abilities from enemies and use them in battle. Called Ronso Rage, Kimahri will need to use the Lancet skill on specific enemies in order to learn the abilities. There’s a total of 12 abilities, with Kimahri coming with one and learning another during a forced tutorial. None of them are missable, so visit the page linked above to find all of the enemies that yield Ronso Rages.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Mega Strike

Deal 99999 damage with one attack.
12.52% Rare 15

99,999 is the maximum damage you can inflict with a single hit from a character. If you plan on doing all of the optional content in the game, then this will come naturally, as you will need max Strength in order to defeat some of the superbosses. The easiest way to achieve this damage is to get your Strength as high as possible, or just max it out. If you get it to 255, then you simply need to whack any weak enemy to get the 99,999 damage.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Sphere Master

Complete a Sphere Grid for one character.
1.64% Ultra Rare 15

This trophy/achievement will come naturally while going for Perfect Sphere Master, so visit that page for more information.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Summon Master

Obtain all Aeons.
16.84% Rare 20

There is a total of eight Aeons in the game, with five of them given to you during the main story. The other three Aeons are optional, though, so you will have to go through some things in order to get them. For the optional Aeons, visit the following pages to learn how to get them:

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Weapon Master

Obtain all Celestial Weapons.
7.35% Very Rare 20

The Celestial Weapons are considered the ultimate weapons for the characters in the game. Not only do they come equipped with a preset ability loadout, but they are also the only weapons in the game that ignore enemy defenses. They are split into three parts, the actual weapon itself, then a Crest and a Sigil. In order to loot the weapon, you will need to obtain the Celestial Mirror first. You only need the weapons themselves to get the trophy/achievement, as you don’t need to actually need the Crests/Sigils. However, it’s in your best interests to fully power up the Celestial Weapons, as they come in handy in doing the optional content. Visit the following pages for details on how to acquire each weapon:

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Talent For Acquisition

Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times.
22.26% Uncommon 10
Character Related

Steal is an ability that you can learn from Rikku’s section of the Sphere Grid. While anyone can learn it to use in battle, this trophy/achievement requires you to have Rikku use the skill. It requires you to successfully steal from enemies 200 times, which might seem like a lot, but you should always be stealing with Rikku. Note that you are guaranteed a steal on the first attempt, then the chance will be cut in half on each attempt after the first successful one.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

All Together

All party members come together.
48.03% Uncommon 10

You will earn this trophy/achievement during the main story section in the Moonflow, after beating the Oblitzerator boss there. Your final party member will join shortly after and this will pop when they join.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Chocobo License

Pass all chocobo training.
22.16% Uncommon 10

Once you reach the Calm Lands, you will find a NPC riding a chocobo in the northern portion of the area. Speaking to this NPC allows you to start up some Chocobo Training courses. There’s four in total and you will need to complete all of them in order to earn this trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Chocobo Rider

Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0.
10.32% Rare 10

Catcher Chocobo is one of the more frustrating mini-games in Final Fantasy X, and completing it with a time of 0:00:00 is even more frustrating. It is the fourth course available in the Chocobo Training exercises in the Calm Lands, and requires both luck and skill in order to get it done right. Throughout the course are balloons you can collect, which will subtract three seconds from your timer. However, there are birds that will fly down and if you hit one of these, then three seconds will be added to your timer. So, the goal is to collect as many balloons as possible, while avoiding all of the birds. For tips and tricks, visit the link above. Note that you will need a time below 0:00:00 in order to get the Sun Sigil for Tidus’ Celestial Weapon.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Delta Attack

Obtain Magus Sisters.
16.88% Rare 10
Collectable Sidequest

The Magus Sisters are an optional Aeon that you can get in the game, who are quite powerful. In order to get them, you need to do two things. The first is to collect one of every fiend on Mount Gagazet, which will get you the Blossom Crown. The second thing is to go to Remiem Temple and fight Belgemine’s Aeons, until you get to and defeat her Bahamut. You will be rewarded with the Flower Scepter for doing this. Once you have both items, head to the sealed door behind Belgemine and use them to unlock the seal, letting you recruit the Magus Sisters.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Feel the Pain

Obtain Anima.
19.10% Rare 10
Collectable Sidequest

Anima is an optional Aeon in the game, which involves you doing a lot of things in order to get her. To start, you have to collect all of the Destruction Sphere treasures in the temples, two of which you will want to do on your main story visits, due to Dark Aeons blocking the entrances later. Once you have done all of that, continue in the main story until you gain full control of the airship. Uncover Baaj Temple and defeat the boss there, than enter the temple. Interact with the statues on the sides, which will light up if you have collected the Destruction Sphere treasures. Once all six are lit up, the way to the Chamber of the Fayth will be open, where you will get Anima.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


View the "Underwater Date" scene.
37.82% Uncommon 10

This is a cutscene that occurs during the main story, right before entering the Calm Lands.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Its All About the Money

Obtain Yojimbo.
26.80% Uncommon 10
Collectable Sidequest

Yojimbo is one of three optional Aeons in the game, with him residing in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, an optional dungeon available right before entering Mount Gagazet. Go through the dungeon and at the end, you will have to fight Yojimbo. After doing that, enter the Chamber of the Fayth, where you will have to pay some gil in order to recruit Yojimbo. For more information, visit the Chamber of the Fayth walkthrough page.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Lightning Dancer

Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward.
4.62% Ultra Rare 10

The Thunder Plains is one of the locations within the game, where lightning will strike periodically. If you time a button press, you will be able to dodge the lightning strikes. In order to get this trophy/achievement, you will have to dodge 200 lightning strikes in a row. You will need to do this if you wish to get the Venus Sigil for Lulu’s Celestial Weapon. This can be very challenging, but it’s best to come back once you have No Encounters on an armor. For tips and tricks regarding this, visit the Lightning Dodging page.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Messenger From the Past

Obtain all Jecht Spheres.
5.07% Very Rare 10

Jecht Spheres are one of the collectables in Final Fantasy X, with them letting you learn new Overdrives for Auron. You don’t unlock them until you defeat Spherimorph in the main story, after which, you should make the long trek back to Besaid to pick up the one there. The reason for this is because a Dark Aeon will block the entrance to Besaid if you continue with the story. There’s a total of 10 Jecht Spheres in the game and for their locations, visit the Jecht Spheres page.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Overcoming the Past

Defeat Yunalesca.
28.39% Uncommon 10

You will obtain this trophy/achievement for defeat Yunalesca, who is a boss found during the main story in Zanarkand.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Power Strike

Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack.
40.59% Uncommon 10

9,999 is the damage cap for your characters, without having the Break Damage Limit ability on a weapon. You will pretty much get this as you start preparing for the optional bosses in the postgame.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Show Off

Win a blitzball tournament.
17.11% Rare 10

Blitzball is the one of the biggest sidequests in the game, with the main goal of it being to earn Wakka’s Overdrives and the Jupiter Sigil. You will gain the ability to freely play Blitzball after finishing up the Luca portion of the main story, where you can access it from any Save Sphere. Normally, only the League option is available, but if you exit and re-enter the Blitzball menu multiple times, the Tournament option will become available. Win the Tournament to gain this trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Speaking in Tongues

Find 1 Al Bhed Primer.
75.28% Common 10

Al Bhed Primers are a collectable in the game, which will allow you to understand the Al Bhed language. The majority of them are optional, but when you arrive at the Travel Agency in Mi’ihen Highroad, Rin will automatically give you one of them.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Learn the Jecht shot.
36.47% Uncommon 10

The Jecht Shot is one of the best shooting techniques for Blitzball, although you have to learn it outside of Blitzball. While on the S.S. Winno, on the way to Luca, you will have an opportunity to learn the Jecht Shot by interacting with the ball on the deck. You will need to press the corresponding direction on the directional pad, in conjunction with the X/A/B button, whenever the sentences appear on your screen. If you hit enough of them, you will learn the Jecht Shot. Note that if you miss it during the main story, you can reboard the boat in Kilika to try again.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Win a blitzball match.
33.64% Uncommon 10

Blitzball is one of the biggest minigames in Final Fantasy X. In essence, it is basically underwater soccer, where the objective is to score more goals than your opponent. You get to play one game during the main story (you don’t need to win it), but after that, it is completely optional and accessible from any Save Sphere. If you plan on doing everything in the game, then this will come naturally, as Wakka’s Overdrives and Jupiter Sigil are tied to Blitzball.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Destination of Hatred

Defeat Seymour Omnis.
18.22% Rare 10
Story Boss Battle

Seymour Omnis is a boss you will fight during the main story, in the final story dungeon.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Right Thing

Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials.
71.01% Common 10
Story Puzzle

During the main story, you will come across Cloisters of Trials, which are giant puzzles you have to solve in order to get new Aeons for Yuna. The first trial will be in Besaid, near the beginning of the game, and is the easiest one to complete.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Theater Enthusiast

Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater.
3.10% Ultra Rare 10

In Luca, one of the towns in the game, there is a threater you can visit that allows you to purchase spheres to rewatch specific cutscenes and listen to the game’s music. The only problem is that you will have to purchase these spheres, which can be a bit expensive the first time you come across them. Once you gain access to the final story dungeon, all of the spheres will be available, with Movie Spheres costing 5,000 Gil each and Music Spheres costing 2,000 Gil each. In total, you will need 426,000 Gil to purchase all of them. Note that after purchasing all of the spheres from the NPC on the left, approach him again to find three more you have to buy. For tips on how to earn money, visit the Gil Grinding page.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Under the Table

Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes.
10.80% Rare 10

Bribe is an ability that is found at the end of Rikku’s section on the Sphere Grid. It allows you to give money to an enemy, in exchange for items. If you’re planning on doing everything in the game, you will undoubtedly need to do some bribing to get items for equipment customization, which will cost you a lot more than 100,000 gil, so this should come naturally.