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Bastard Sword +2 Uncommon Weapons

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The bastard sword is a popular choice amongst mercenary alliances because its size—not too long, yet not too short, not too light, yet not too heavy—accommodates a variety of fighting styles, both one- and two-handed.

Detailed Location

  • Can be crafted from the reinforce tab at The Black Hammer in "Cid's Hideaway" iconCid’s Hideaway once you have made the "Bastard Sword +1" iconBastard Sword +1 and acquired the other materials. Progress the main story to unlock more crafting options.

Materials Required

"Bastard Sword +1" iconBastard Sword +1 Uncommon Weapons
"Meteorite" iconMeteorite Uncommon Materials
10× "Wyrrite" iconWyrrite Common Materials
10× "Magicked Ash" iconMagicked Ash Common Materials

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