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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 10 - A Balancing Axe Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

After you reach Kingdom 3 in Persona 5 Tacticaand complete Mission 35: Key to the Past - Courtyard, you’ll unlock Quest 10, A Balancing Axe which involves Haru and Yusuke. You will have four turns to defeat all enemies in the stage of which there are eight to dispatch. By this stage of the game, you should have access to some powerful spells and Personas which should make this battle a lot easier, but if you need help with it, read our step-by-step guide on how to complete it.

Haru wants help maneuvering her axe, so she asks Yusuke if he can help.

How to Complete Quest 10 - A Balancing Axe

Haru asks Yusuke for help with maneuvering around her axe.

Party Conditions
Haru, Yusuke, and 1 more Defeat enemies in 4 turns

You would have thought that getting this far into the game, the quests would get harder, but this one is on the easy side. The idea behind it is to use Haru’s Psi skills to manipulate the enemies’ positions, so you can group them up, but by now, you should have some strong area-of-effect spells such as Agidyne with Ann. For the third party member, bring along someone who has learned a -dyne spell as this is a key part of the “strategy”. If you don’t have access to one yet, then use the next tier down, or the area-of-effect equivalent (Maragion for example).

Quest 10 - A Balancing Axe - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The general strategy for this quest is to pull enemies closer to the party with Haru’s Psi spells and burn them down with powerful area-of-effect spells. Through Psi spells, area-of-effect spells, and One-More’s, you’ll have this done in two turns. As briefly stated above, you’ll have eight enemies to dispatch with six of them being Legionnaires, one Revenger, and one Support (Drum).

(1 of 7) Pull the Revenger closer by using Haru’s Psiodyne spell.

Step 1: Select Haru, target the Revenger at the back to your left, and use Psiodyne on it. This will pull it nearer to your party, but be careful that it doesn’t land on you with its counter-attack.

Step 2: Switch over to one of the other members (doesn’t matter who), and shoot the Revenger to trigger a One-More which should defeat the Revenger in the process.

Step 3: Now, select the remaining member who hasn’t had a turn yet, and use a -dyne spell on the Legionnaire to your left in the center to hit all three of them which should defeat them.

Step 4: Switch to any character with a One-More (should be at least one person) and move over to the north side of the map to find another two Legionnaires grouped up behind cover. From here, cast your strongest spell on them (-dyne will defeat them outright) to hopefully defeat them. If not, don’t worry about it as you can clean the enemies up in the later turns. This will be the end of Turn 1.

Step 5: At the start of Turn 2, select Haru, and use Psiodyne on the nearby drum enemy near where the previous two enemies were. This will most likely defeat it, but if it somehow survives, you can shoot it with the character who ended the last turn, and they will trigger a One-More from it.

Step 6: Switch over to Yusuke and follow the large square block in the center around to find a lone Legionnaire cowering in cover. Use the strongest spell you have on it (Bufudyne), and it should defeat it.

Step 7: Depending on the power of your party, and the difficulty you’re playing on, the enemies may well be dead by now. However, if any are still standing, use the next few turns to finish them off.

Once the enemies are defeated, you’ll get a short scene before you’re rewarded with 20 GP for both Haru and Yusuke.

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