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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 8 - The Rightful Prince Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

After a bit of a hiatus, quests resume in Kingdom 2 with Quest 8 - The Rightful Prince, which will become available as soon as you return to the hideout following Mission 28 - Garrison Liberation Mission 2. Yuki will mention that you didn’t clear out all the Aizen Squad soldiers at the base you attacked over the last few story missions, and to prevent them from harassing the townsfolk, she wants them gone. Ann and Morgana will squabble over who will protect whom while Ryuji adds fuel to the fire; determine who is the prince and princess in this scenario with this page’s walkthrough for Quest 8 - The Rightful Princel in Persona 5 Tactica, where we’ll offer up tips and strategies for completing the quest in the time limit.

Ann’s Matarukaja buff can help speed up this quest, and since she’s a mandatory character who probably won’t be able to reach any enemies on her first turn, getting this skill is advised.

Quest 8 - The Rightful Prince

Party Conditions
Ann, Morgana, and 1 more Defeat enemies in 7 turns

This is an odd quest, much like Quest 7 - The Mysterious Box since you just seem to have been given way too much time to accomplish the objective. Instead of kicking a box around, this time you’re once again racing the clock in a bid to defeat all the enemies on the map, but while previous versions of these quests have given you one or three turns to get the job done, here you have a whopping seven. You shouldn’t need half this. In addition, despite the banter between Morgana and Ann, there’s no need for anybody to protect anybody, nor is it really possible for any other character to assist Ann. Contradicting Ann’s claims earlier, her own skillset is of dubious utility here, which isn’t a terrible thing considering how little she’ll likely be contributing. Point is, the cutscene before the quest doesn’t seem to reflect the actual quest itself, and the objective is incredibly lenient.

There are two things you’ll want for this quest - speed, and power… kind of like most other quests. Ryuji is usually our go-to for the latter, with his Auto-Mataru skill, and he’s a fine choice for a third character, but Ann can also get the job done well enough with her Matarukaja. Yusuke is, as usual, indispensable due to Auto-Masuku, which will give movement speed, and in this quest that counts for a bit more than raw power does, for reasons which will be explained below.

While the task at hand is to defeat all the enemies on the map, you also have to make use of one of Kingdom 2’s gameplay innovations - pushing buttons to open doors. This means being able to get around quickly will help you move all your characters through the map, as well as corral enemies for devastating Triple Threat attacks. These are going to be your primary offense during this quest, and being able to exploit and surround enemies is going to pay dividends. For that reason, we take Yusuke (with Auto-Musuku) along. Investing in Matarukaja with Ann can help, but is optional. All characters will be well-served if they can get the Magical Mastery passive on their skill tree, and grabbing a long-range spell like Psio can also help.

(1 of 2) You’ll find a pair of buttons in the lower right room with Ann,

You’ll find a pair of buttons in the lower right room with Ann, (left), and another pair in the upper left room, guarded by a Volatile Magistrate. (right)

Quest 8 Guide

Once preparations are complete, start up the quest and you’ll find Yusuke (or whomever your third is - we’ll just keep referring to Yusuke) and Morgana in a room to the bottom left while Ann is in a room to the bottom right. The former is sealed by a red door and the latter by a blue door, and in Ann’s room are two buttons that will open these doors. Don’t worry, unlike some of the recent missions, this is a fairly uncomplicated mechanic this time around.

There are five enemies on the map, two Matchlock Officers in the room through the red door sealing Yusuke and Morgana in, two Volatile Magistrates - one in the upper left room and one in the upper right room, and a Roaring Drummer in the room past the blue door keeping Ann sealed away. The two Matchlock Officers are by far the most durable foes on this map, with the other three enemies being surprisingly fragile, and they’ll be the ones you have to focus on. Both of these Matchlock Officers have taken cover on the doors along the top and bottom of the room, and if you open these doors they’ll lose their cover, setting them up for an easy One More.

(1 of 3) Have Ann stand on buttons to open doors and leave two enemies vulnerable, so Morgana

Send Ann onto the red button to open the door, then move Yusuke and Morgana into the middle room. After this, you can move Ann to the blue button to open the northern door, which will allow you to reach the upper left room. Here you’ll find two more buttons guarded by a Volatile Magistrate. Your goal here is to open one of the doors to leave the Matchlock Officers vulnerable so you can score One Mores with Yusuke and Morgana, then trigger a pair of Triple Threats. After getting Yusuke and Morgana into the middle room, we have Ann stand on the blue button to open the upper door, then we send Morgana into the upper right room and punt the upper guard down towards the other Matchlock Officer. Once done, we have Ann switch to the red button and swat the other guard into his fellow.

Now that both Yusuke and Morgana have One Mores, send Yusuke down into the bottom corner of the room he started in, switch to Ann and stand on the blue button to open the door to the upper left corner, then send Morgana in and get as close to the corner as possible. You should now have a pretty good Triple Threat going, so trigger it with Yusuke to damage the two Matchlock Officers and likely defeat the Volatile Magistrate.

Morgana should have access to the buttons in the upper left room now, so stand on the blue one to free Ann from her duties, then send her through the door to reach the middle right room. She can’t do all that much this turn, so move through the corridor of crates as far as you can and use Matarukaja if you have it unlocked, then switch back to Morgana and trigger the second Triple Threat, which should kill the two Matchlock Officers, or injure them to the point where they can be easily finished off next turn.

(1 of 3) On turn 2, Morgana may be able to hit a distant Volatile Magistrate with Psio if he has the Magical Mastery passive and a Persona with Psio.

For turn 2, the surviving Matchlock Officers should have moved near one of the doors, which you can manipulate via the buttons in the room with Morgana, scoring more One Mores. This should allow you to finish them off easily enough by whatever means you have at your disposal - Yusuke is a prime candidate for this, as Morgana may serve another role this turn. Speaking of which, you should hopefully have now defeated three of the map’s five enemies in just over a turn, leaving Morgana and Yusuke with potentially little to do. Ann can advance and melee the Roaring Drummer, who should die in a single hit, after which you can waste two turns burning the last Volatile Magistrate through the door - two Agis should suffice. If you want to be a little faster about it, Morgana with Psio and the Magical Mastery passive can likely strike the Volatile Magistrate from across rooms, which will set it up for a One More from Ann via Agi. These two spells should allow Ann to kill the Volatile Magistrate as she procs her One More, after which you can just swat the Roaring Drummer away to complete the quest. Best case scenario, you clear in two turns, worst case, it takes four. Either way, you have plenty of time to spare.

For completing this quest you’ll earn 20 GP for both Ann and Morgana, and the matter of who was more princely will be resolved. This samurai cosplay is going to Ann’s head.

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