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Ratchet & Clank
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 21-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-03-2020 / 05:45 GMT

Ratchet & Clank Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Main Walkthrough

Planet Novalis

As soon as you land, Ratchet mentions some Raritanium ahead of you, so go forward a bit and destroy the crystals. After doing that, access the vendor and you’ll be given a tutorial on applying the Raritanium to your weapons in order to upgrade them. Basically, each weapon has an "upgrade tree" available to them, with various bonuses that depend on the weapon itself. There are also special nodes, called Mystery Nodes, for each weapon, that will reveal itself whenever you have gotten all of the upgrades surrounding it. Once you’ve checked out the upgrades, you will also see that there are two new weapons available for purchase. The Pyrocitor is basically a flamethrower, while the Proton Drum is a new weapon to the Ratchet universe.

Note: It’s highly advisable that depending on the amount of Raritanium you have, you should purchase the ammo upgrades to your weapons, as you will want as much ammo as possible with your limited arsenal.

With that done, you have three different paths to take on this planet. One leads into a cave, with a "waterslide," while there is another small path that will bring you to a bolt crank and a locked door. The final path leads down below, where you will see A LOT of enemies. For starters, take the cave path with the rushing water, jumping onto the rocks that end up falling from the ceiling. Wait for the moving platforms, which will allow you to reach a room with some bee-like enemies. Kill them all and then look for the odd-looking wall in here, which will allow you to wall jump. The path to continue this area is in the middle, but go to the top and you’ll see a slightly hidden area with a Holocard deck. Head back to the wall-jump wall and go through the middle opening.

There will be two Blarg grunts here, one of which is on the ledge where you need to go, so keep an eye out for him as he can shoot you without you noticing he’s there. Also, you will want to be careful of the small gap in between the two sections of this room, as falling in will bring you back to the beginning of this entire section. Use the moving platform to reach the next room and destroy all of the enemies here, then turn the bolt crank to set some platforms in motion. Ride these to the top of the room and follow the path here, taking care of the bee-like enemies, until you get to The Plumber. He will give you an Infobot that contains some info on Chairman Drek, then slide down the sewer pipe. Follow after him to end up back near your ship.

Searching For Treasure

With one path done, there are two more to explore, so take the one that leads to the bolt crank. This leads to a cave with some green slime enemies called Amoeboids. Hitting them will make them split into two tiny ones, which can then be defeated for good. At the end of this room, you’ll need to swim down and through a tunnel to reach the next area. If you haven’t gone underwater yet, then you will notice that you can only hold your breath for so long, which is displayed on the left side of your screen. There will be more Amoeboids in the next room, and the treasure will be located in this area. What you need to do is look for a crate that can’t be destroyed with your wrench, so switch to your Fusion Grenade and toss one at it to bust open a wall, revealing a Holopack. Anyway, with that collected, follow the path to the end to open up a shortcut back to your ship.

Toss a Fusion Grenade at the metal crate (left) to reveal a hidden cave, with the treasure (right).

Defend the Planet

The last objective for this planet will have you going into enemy territory, so either jump off the cliff near your ship or ride the platform down. There will be A LOT of enemies down here, consisting mainly of the bee-like ones you’ve encountered, as well as the Blargs with blasters. Some of these Blargs will be on structures you can’t reach, so you’ll need to use weapons to defeat them. Note that there are some crates underneath the water nearby (the fish that are swimming don’t hurt you), requiring you to touch the explosive crates in order to blow them up. Follow the river to the end to get some Raritanium in this manner. Once you get to the stairs, you’ll come to a bridge. Avoid the fire of the enemy on the other side and don’t fall into the holes created by the passing ships. The final path leads to a ship being attacked, who is the mayor, so defeat them all and he will thank you with an Infobot for Aridia. Stand on the button nearby to get back to your ship, where The Plumber will help repair it, allowing you to take off and leave this planet.

Note: While you have the choice of two different areas to go to, there is a gadget on Aridia that needs to be gotten, so you should head there first.


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