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Ratchet & Clank

Planet Gaspar

Jarrod Garripoli

Check out the vendor upon landing to see a new weapon, called the Plasma Striker (21,000 Bolts), which is similar to a sniper rifle. Let’s get to business, as there are three paths you can take here…oh wait, two of them require gadgets you don’t have yet, so you are limited to the single route for now. You will want to be careful in the very first area, as there will be a Blarg who will likely man a turret, providing a lot of heavy firepower for the enemy’s side. Once you defeat the enemies, man the turret yourself and use it to destroy the reinforced door, allowing you to continue.

Keep fighting your way through the enemies, until you come to another reinforced door, with the turret needed to destroy it being on a cliff nearby. So, you’ll need to go around and up to get to it. When you blast it open, three armored enemies that can fly will come out, so use the turret to quickly take them down. Go through the newly created door and go down a long hallway, where you’ll fight through a lot of enemies, including yet another turret in the room beyond the hallway. Upon clearing it, use the turret to blast open the reinforced door and get ready for a very challenging encounter.

This outside area will have the same Blarg men you have been fighting (they shoot flames along the ground), as well as two turrets. In addition to that, not only does a dropship appear to add to the heavy firepower, but a good number of the flying Blargs (around five or six of them). You will need to be extra careful here, as it’s very easy to have all of your health depleted in mere moments. If you have gotten all of the weapons so far (excluding the Plasma Striker), then you will want to make use of something like the Groovitron, as it will stop the enemies from shooting, assuming they’re within its range. Also, weapons like the Proton Drum is great, because you can deploy one and then quickly hide behind some cover. When everything is finally gone, press the three switches around the gadget within 10 seconds to get the Grindboots . Use the grindrail nearby to get back to your ship.

Hit the three switches (left) within the time limit to get the Grindboots, which allow you to grind on rails (right).

Find the Jetpack

Now that you have the Grindboots, you can use the rail near your ship. There will be three instances where you need to pay attention, as you’ll need to jump over to another track, since the one you’re on will end and run into some explosive crates. The second instance is a gap in between the tracks, requiring you to just jump over it. The final one involves mines planted on the track, so you’ll need to wait until you’re close enough to hit them with your wrench. You’ll finally arrive in a new area, where there will be a run-in with a scientist who wants some Telepathopuses’ brains in exchange for him giving you the Jetpack.

There’s only one path to follow for now, so it’s not easy to get lost. The brains you’re looking for are encased in fluid sacs and all you have to do is go up to them, then smash them like any other object. In addition to Sandsharks, you will also encounter crab-like creatures along the way to getting the ten brains. Despite seeing some big creature in the background, you don’t have to worry about it (yet), as all of the brains you need are in the sacs. Once you have retrieved all ten brains, head back to the scientist and you will finally receive the Jetpack. As one might suspect, the Jetpack uses fuel and the green energy things you’ve been seeing around are refueling stations. You have free reign on where to go, as long as you have enough fuel to go there.

However, there is another item that the scientist has, which is an Infobot, but he’s going to need another twenty brains. Remember that big creature you saw in the distance before? That’s the Telepathopus, so use your Jetpack to get over there and prepare for a mini-boss fight. It does have a lot of health, but not nearly as much as the Snagglebeast you fought earlier. It will let out a roar that can push you back, as well as send out little electric balls that home in on you. Unlike the sacs, where you only get a single brain, defeating the actual Telepathopus will yield a total of three brains. Now, instead of writing a comprehensive walkthrough for this part, I will let you go on your own and collect the necessary amount of brains. Considering there’s a total of 80 other brains out there, it won’t take too long to get the 20 for the Infobot. Once you have them, return to the scientists to get the Infobot, revealing another planet.

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Collect 30 brains for the Blarg Scientist on Gaspar.

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