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Ratchet & Clank

Planet Rilgar

Jarrod Garripoli

There are two new weapons available for you once you land on this planet, the Groovitron and the Pixelizer . There are two paths to choose from, one leading to the sewers, which is where we’re heading first. When facing the vendor, go left and use the Swingshot targets to get into the sewer. You will come along a receptacle for the Hydrodisplacer, so use it to drain the water, then kill the fish and go forward to find another. Raise the water level and go into the next area, draining the water there. Now, you need to drop down into now-drained area and go until you encounter a metal grate, which you can destroy with your wrench. Once you do that, go back and raise the water level again, then swim through this opening, where you will find a slide that leads to a switch.

The Groovitron (left) and Pixelizer (right) are both very great weapons to have in your arsenal.

Before stepping on this switch, get ready to run, as the water level will continually rise and you will have to move very quick through the next few areas. It’s best to ignore any enemies in your way, as they will only slow you down and you need all the speed you can get, as it’s possible to drown in the last stretch. The big, open rooms will usually have you going to an opening on the other side. When you reach a long, vertical tube, that will be the end of this escape sequence. Step outside and you’ll see a shady gentleman, who is looking for some RYNO Holocards . These are different than the normal Holocards and are hidden in levels, similar to Gold Bolts. To help you with your endeavor, he’ll give you the Trespasser gadget, which can be used on certain doors to play puzzles, with the first one being nearby. Complete it and take the taxi back to your ship, where you can take the other, optional, path.

Hoverboard Event

Back at the ship, take the other path and you’ll encounter a new enemy that looks like it is wearing a hazmat suit (called Extermibots). They will toss something similar to the Fusion Grenade at you, so just keep moving side to side to try to avoid their fire. Besides them and some Amoeboids, you will not encounter any other enemies on this path. Eventually, you will reach a floating platform with a switch on it, so press it to deactivate the big barrier, which leads to an area with a huge battle going on between the Extermibots and Amoeboids. There will even be a huge tank, which will likely do some real damage to the Amoeboids. Once you clear the area, there is a little alcove with a switch that you can hit that spawns some Swingshot targets, which leads to a ledge with some Raritanium.

The other path here has an elevator, with some more Extermibots surprising you by being on it. This elevator will bring you to another area with a bunch of barriers and switches, acting a bit like a maze that only has one set path through it. You will encounter enemies in pretty much every “cell,” which can be dangerous because of the small spaces where you fight. Eventually, you’ll reach the other side and be faced with some tanks from before, as well as more Extermibots. Once all of the enemies are finished, find the side room that has an elevator that will bring you to the area with a woman standing in the center. Talking to her allows you to participate in the hoverboard races, with there being three different tiers. You can actually finish them all now if you’d like, with a RYNO Holocard being the reward for winning the Gold Cup.

Hit the switch (left) to spawn some Swingshot targets (right) that will allow you to reach a ledge with some Raritanium.

The Hoverboard races are fairly easy and as previously mentioned, there are three of them: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You hold R2 to accelerate and there’s a boost meter in the upper left, that starts out completely empty. To fill it up, you can do one of two things, either break the crates on the course or fly through the rings you see that usually involve you going off ramps. All three tiers have the exact same course layout, except Silver introduces explosive crates that will temporarily put a stop to your movement (Gold has different placements and more of them). That’s all you can do on Rilgar, so take the taxi back to your ship and blast off to the next planet, Nebula G34.

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