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Resident Evil 2
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Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 15:46 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-08-2019 / 01:40 GMT

Resident Evil 2 Guide

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Claire B

Orphanage (Sherry)

Escape from Chief Irons

Note: There is secret Trophy/Achievement available during Sherry’s segment, Young Escapee. In order to unlock this you’ll need to escape the bedroom within 60 seconds.

After you’ve picked up the Key Card a cutscene will trigger, after you’ll play as Sherry. Turn around and pick up a doll, examine and rotate it until you can interact with it, inside you’ll a block. Head over to the northeast and place the block with the other blocks, now you’ll need to allign the block so all the shapes are matching, after you’ve matched the blocks you’ll receive Scissors.

Rotate and move the blocks so all the shapes are matching,
grab the Orphanage Key from the rack in the southwest section of the room.

Head to the south of the room and use the Scissors cut open a hole in the wall, crouch through and head left and head through the door a the corridor, now follow the corridor along until see Sally’s Diary at the end on a table, continues onwards until you see some drawers hold X/A on it to create a path for Sherry. Climb up on the drawers and head through the window to the Nursery, follow the room around northeast and go through the door the Front Hall.

Make your way downstairs and collect Tom’s Diary from the table in the middle of the room, head through the door to the west and follow the corridor around until you enter the Director’s Room, inside you’ll be able to find the _____'s Diary next the Typewriter. Now go collect the key from the key rack along the southwest wall, you’ll now be chased by the Chief so make a run for the Nursery then find a place to hide, once you’ve found a good spot, keep out Chief’s site until he heads for the Bathroom. Use this Oppotunity to grab the Ophanage Key from the door, once you have the keys head back downstairs and open the front door.

Note: You’ll be able to find the Letter from the Director file inside the Bathroom.

Unfortunately, the door is also chained shut from the other side, so you’ll need to sprint back to the Director’s Room the locking the doors as you enter. Once the cutscene has played, you’ll regain control of Claire and receive the Parking Garage Key Card


Rescue Sherry From The Orphanage

With the Key Card in your possession, take the lift back down the Parking Garage and open the gate. Once the gate has been outside make your through the gate that’s to the left of the Gun Shop, head up the stairs and follow the path all the way around and jump over the bin, make your way over to the Basketball Court, grab the Green Herb and Submachine Gun Ammo from the red bench to the far right, then take the northwest exit. Before entering the Bus, collect the Blue Herb that’s is by the tyres, now enter the Bus and look to your right to find Raccoon on the dash and collect the Hand Grenade on your way through the Bus. Finally, make your to Ophanage.

Shoot the first Raccoon that's sitting on top of the dashboard in the Bus,
shoot the second Raccoon, that's hiding in a shelf in the Nursery.

Once you’re inside, head upstairs to the Nursery to find a Raccoon as you enter, now head to the Director’s Room and follow the room around to find a ladder that you can climb down. Make your way down the stairs to find Sherry, you’ll now have the Tyrant after you so follow the path to the lift to trigger a cutscene. After the attack, head through in front of you to save.

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