Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide



PS3 Controls

Regular controls

Look around Right Stick
Switch camera angle Right Stick (push)
Move around Left Stick
Quick turn Left Stick Down + X
Dash/Run Left Stick + X
Dodge Left Stick + L2 + X
Center camera angle/Dash Left Stick (push)
Melee attack R1
Aim/Ready weapon L1
Attack/Fire [L1 +] R1
Quick shot L2 + R1
Use health tablet R2
Quickly mix herbs in tablets RB + X
Displays route to goal L2
Inventory Triangle
Solo action X
Partner action O
Reload weapon/Pick up items Sqaure
Swap weapons D-pad left/right
Swap grenades D-pad up/down
Mix Herbs R1+ Square
Game menu Start
Skip cutscenes Select

Partner Conversation

Move commands O + D-pad up
Wait command O + D-pad left
Call command O + D-pad down
Follow command O + D-pad down
Thanks command O + L1
Praise command O + R1
Respond with "Yes" O + D-pad up
Respond with "No" O + D-pad down

Note: During 'Dying Status' you can only aim/fire your gun and move around.