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St. Louis Gateway Arch (St. Louis) Snow Globe Snow Globes


The St. Louis Gateway Arch, located in St. Louis on "Earth" iconEarth, is an iconic architectural landmark. The associated snow globe, known as the Starfield St. Louis Gateway Arch, is a notable collectible in the game.

Snow Globe Acquisition

To obtain this snow globe, you must acquire the book titled "The Price of Destiny" iconThe Price of Destiny. However, obtaining the book requires some finesse. Start by visiting the city of "Neon" iconNeon and locating Benjamin Bayu, who is often found in the city’s club. You will need to pickpocket him to obtain his penthouse key.

Once you have the key, access Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse and retrieve the book “The Price of Destiny” from his desk. Reading this book will unlock a new landing spot on "Earth" iconEarth, which will take you directly to the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Finding the Book/Snow Globe

To find the snow globe associated with the arch, simply make your way to the foot of the arch in Starfield. There, you will discover the snow globe, adding it to your collection.

Book Location

Benjamin Bayu Misc NPC
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