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Shadow Monster List

Enemy Info

These monsters are born from dim light and dwell in darkness. Shadows may even lurk in the nooks and corners of rainy cities.

Thought Peek

You've got the kind of look a shadow can appreciate.

Enemy Attacks

Attack: The Shadow moves in to close-range and then attempts to scare their targets. Wait for when it puts its arms out and eyes widen to time your defense.

Endobubble (Can’t block!): The Shadow conjures a spell on its target, attempting to inflict the Fear status on them, thus lowering all combat stats. You cannot block this attack, so look to use resistance accessories if you have them.


The Shadow is a tricky customer who looks to use tricks against the party to weaken them. Endobubble is the main threat here, you can’t block against it and it will cause Fear, lowering all of your stats until it wears off. This becomes a bigger issue when you have Special Enemies in the battle against you as taking hits from them while under the influence of Fear can really hurt.


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