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Us Companions (Temporary)


Act 1

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Us is an Intellect Devourer NPC and Temporary Companion during the Prologue of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be found aboard the Nautiloid, trapped inside the head of an Elf named Myrnath.


  • Us is one of the few characters with multiple voice actors.
  • When the player enters the Helm Room, the Mind Flayer there will order them to connect the transponder. Should Us be the only one to enter the room, the mind flayer will have specific dialogue to order Us to find a thrall instead.

Act One

Us can be found trapped inside the head of Myrnath, who is strapped to a chair with the top of his skull removed. The player can find them taking the elevator in the second room aboard the Nautiloid. The player will have to pass an Ability Check to free it. When freed, it will initially start with the Newborn condition: temporarily lowering its max HP to 11 and its AC to 7. This only lasts a few turns, however.

Once freed, Us will urge the player to head to the Helm Room. Options to either tell Us to go away, to attack it, or to ask it to join the party will present. Us will agree if asked to join.

Us will disappear after the crash.

Act Two

Us can later be found in the Morgue within the Mindflayer Colony. He has been labelled an aberrant and as a result is caged. If you free him you receive an item called ‘Summon Us’ which allows you to summon him once per short rest.

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