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Shield Proficiency Shield Proficiency

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Shields constitute a form of equipment designated for the offhand weapon slot. Proficiency in using shields is commonly linked with "Medium Armour Proficiency" iconMedium Armour Proficiency.

Shields are a category of equipment that yields advantages by bolstering characters’ Armour Class and minimizing the likelihood of enemy hits. These items are always equipped in the character’s offhand, enhancing defensive capabilities.

Effects of Shield Proficiency:

Wielding a shield without Shield Proficiency carries substantial disadvantages. Such actions trigger Disadvantage on Ability Checks, Saving Throws, and Attack Rolls, while also hindering the casting of Spells.

Combat Mastery:

Combatants adept at utilizing shields have the ability to wield them effectively in battle, enhancing their defensive stance.

Classes with Shield Proficiency:

Races with Shield Proficiency:

  • Human
  • Half-Elf

Unlocking Shield Proficiency:

Gaining the Moderately Armoured Feat not only provides Medium Armour Proficiency but also extends Shield Proficiency.

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