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Get Orin's Netherstone Quests

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Get Orin’s Netherstone is a quest in Act Three of Baldur’s Gate 3. It is started automatically after entering Wyrm’s Rock Fortress and long resting, or by entering the sewers for the first time.


  • Investigate the Murders
  • Impress the Murder Tribunal


  • Head west on the road to Baldur’s Gate.
    • Orin, the Lash of Bhaal, is hiding somewhere in Baldur’s Gate with a Netherstone. We must find her and take it.
  • Search Baldur’s Gate for Orin.
    • We need to scour the city for clues to Orin’s location - murder most foul may be the place to start when tracking a Bhaalist.
    • Orin confronted us in a shapechanged disguise - then teleported away. We should keep looking for clues as to her base of operations.
  • Find and gain access to the Temple of Bhaal.
    • We met a Flaming Fist Constable investigating Bhaalist murders in the city. We should investigate - this trail of blood may lead us to Orin and her Netherstone.
    • We found a Bhaalist target list - new recruits are being asked to stage murders as Absolute butchery. We should investigate: successful recruits gain access to the Temple of Bhaal, where Orin awaits.
    • We found the Temple of Bhaal, but the doors are sealed shut. We need to find a way in - Orin may be inside.
    • We killed "Bane" iconBane’s Chosen, just as Orin requested. Now we need to bring his severed hand to the Murder Tribunal - where we will gain access to the Temple of Bhaal and Orin herself.
    • Gortash told us Orin resides in the Temple of Bhaal. We must find the temple and a way of getting in.
    • Orin has kidnapped one of our number - we must find the Lash of Bhaal and free our companion.
    • We found a cruel and deliberately staged murder scene in Baldur’s Gate - it could be the work of Orin.
    • Orin kidnapped Yenna - a young girl we met in Rivington. We must find the Lash of Bhaal and rescue her.
  • Find a way to access the Temple of Bhaal.
    • We slew Justice Sarevok and his Murder Tribunal - we should search his belongings to find a way into the Temple of Bhaal.
    • We found a Bhaalist Amulet on Sarevok’s body. It may help us enter the Temple of Bhaal.
    • We found a map pointing us towards the Temple of Bhaal’s hidden Undercity location.
    • Investigator Valeria told us where to find the Temple of Bhaal - Orin awaits us there.
  • Open the Temple of Bhaal and confront Orin.
    • Now we have the Bhaalist Amulet and the Temple of Bhaal’s location, we can finally face Orin.
    • Justice Sarevok found us worthy of entering the Temple of Bhaal: he gave us an Amulet to open the doors as well as the Temple’s location. We should go there - Orin awaits.
  • Confront Orin in the Temple of Bhaal.
    • We opened the Temple of Bhaal using the Bhaalist Amulet - now we must face Orin within.
    • The doors to Father’s Temple opened before us - as the Bhaalspawn’s right. We must enter and slay Orin.
  • Defeat Orin.
    • We must slay Orin to claim her Netherstone.
  • Retrieve Orin’s Netherstone from her dagger.
    • With Orin dead, we must retrieve the Netherstone from her dagger.
  • We have slain one of Bhaal’s fetid spawn and claimed her Netherstone.
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