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Raid the Grove Sub-Quest


  • "Prepare" iconPrepare to raid the Grove.

    • Minthara is preparing to attack the grove and told us to wait for next light. We should get some rest.
  • Secure the Grove.

    • Minthara and her warband have set out for the Grove. They are waiting for us to infiltrate it.
  • Sound the horn.

    • The tieflings are as ready as they can be. All that’s left is to sound the horn.
      At this point, you must choose to betray either Minthara or the tieflings.
  • Slaughter the Grove.

    • We chose Minthara and the Absolute over the tieflings. Now to take the grove.
    • The tieflings are dead, but the druids are making a last stand at their sacred pool.
  • Return to Minthara.

    • Tieflings and druids alike lie dead. The grove belongs to the Absolute. Minthara will be pleased.
  • Defeat the raiders.

    • Minthara arrived with raiders by her side. Defeating them means safety at last for the tieflings.
  • Return to Zevlor.

    • The goblins were beaten back, and the tieflings lived to tell the tale. Zevlor wants to talk.
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